These Are The Best Villain Escorts In Skylanders: Ring of Heroes


These Are The Best Villain Escorts In Skylanders: Ring of Heroes

Not only the choice of your heroes decides in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes about victory or defeat. In fact, the bad guys that you can recruit as a companion are an important addition. We show you the best companions you should have in the fight!

What role do companions play in Skylanders?

As a matter of principle not only your three chosen heroes take part in the fight, but also a companion. Companions play a special role. Although they are treated like the heroes, they can not be awakened or equipped with runes.

For a companion to be summoned in combat, a certain amount of time must pass. Then you can use the companion’s skill up to four times (there is only one at a time) before disappearing (assuming he has not been defeated before).

The skills of the companion vary from support skills to offensive and even area-wide attacks. There are a total of ten companions and each of them represents one element in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes.

Keep in mind that companions in combat do not receive experience points, but are made stronger by using blue potions. This becomes a problem, especially in the higher rarity levels of 5 stars or more, as you need vast amounts of this potion and also have to shed massive amounts of gold.

Not every companion is useful in every situation. Before we clarify the question of which companions you should definitely upgrade, we look at the framework, which plays the most important role in the choice of companions.

You should pay attention to the choice of the companion:

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes is still in a very early stage. Therefore, most players are still far from the endgame, so the toughest challenges arrived. This circumstance not only dictates the choice of heroes, but also the companion. The following aspects have to be considered here:

You want to be efficient, so farm fast. In the early stages of the game, it makes sense to play only with the three strongest attackers. However, this leads to a neglect of the defense or healers.

Combat support should, as far as possible, be done with attacks targeting all enemies to speed up the farm process.
In the arena in the fight against other players further skills are required, which your companion must bring.

You see, it will not be enough just to focus on one companion. But who is the best of them all? Fortunately, the game already gives you the best companion at the start. We introduce him and two noteworthy colleagues that you should have in view.

The broccoli guy – The vegetables for all occasions

Element – water

Role – Support

HP – 4248

ATK – 2125

DEF – 1137

Stars – Min 1 / Max 6

That’s why the Broccoli Guy is so good: Given that you want to end the battles as fast as possible and therefore only use attackers, Broccoli Guy can be the perfect healer for you. His skill is not only extremely powerful, he also has the highest defense of all pets as well as most health points.

The Broccoli Guy is also the best all-rounder, as he can play his strengths in any content, be it in the miracle tower or the arena. The only drawback: You have to bring the Broccoli Guy to a minimum of 4 stars, before the healing effect is really felt.

What skill does the Broccoli Guy bring?

Like all companions, the green vegetables have only one skill, but it’s something to be proud of:

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables – Broccoli Guy’s only skill heals the hero with the least health and reduces the duration of existing debuffs by 2 rounds. In addition, the defense is increased for two rounds and granted a life regeneration over two rounds.

Often, exactly one unit is taken by the opponents on the grain, then comes the healing of Broccoli Guy just right. In addition to healing, you will receive life regeneration and increased defense. This turns the villain into the healer you do not need to have in the team.

Where can I find the soul stones for Broccoli Guy?

The broccoli guy is very easy to farm. You find his Soulstones in the second world in stages 2.1 – 2.6 (simple, normal and difficult). It does not matter what level of difficulty you choose, the progress is the same everywhere.

It takes you so long to collect all the Soulstones for Broccoli Guy: To fully develop the Broccoli Guy, you need 875 Soulstones. For every ten car battles, you receive on average three soul stones. If we assume that you need about 6 minutes for every ten car battles, you have the necessary soul stones in 29 hours pure Grind together.

That’s not a small thing, but the development should be on the top of your list. The Broccoli Guy will be a valuable companion in combat.

Smoke Scream – The mechanical fire breather

Element – fire

Role – attack

HP – 3357

ATK – 2652

DEF – 597

Stars – Min 1 / Max 6

That’s why Smoke Scream is so good: The Fire Breather directs its attack against all enemies, making it perfect for quickly farming soul gems. Its element of fire makes it very effective against air and ghosts.

Although Smoke Scream has poor defensive stats, it brings in the exchange the highest attack value of all baddies. Also, Smoke Scream needs to take you to a high level before the damage is really felt.

Smoke Scream has this skill in store: Like the Broccoli Guy, Smoke Scream has just one skill that can be used:

  • Flame Shot – Covers all enemies with fire and adds a de-buff that dodges opponents.
  • Here is the Soulstones for Smoke Scream: The biggest benefit of Smoke Scream is the fact that you’ll probably get its Soulstones (probably without it) simply while farming Ka-Boom. Once you have brought Ka Boom up to the maximum level of 70, you may have enough Soul Stones for Smoke Scream to maximize it. You can find the
  • Soulstones in the hellish volcano in Stages 3.1 – 3.6 (simple, normal and hard).
  • It takes you so long to get all the Soulstones for Smoke Scream: Also for Smoke Scream you need to get 875 Soulstones. So you need about 29 hours for all soul stones like the broccoli guy. But since you want Ka-Boom anyway, you will take Smoke Scream with you “in passing”.

Because Ka Boom can be awakened, you need more Soul Stones for the hero than Smoke Scream. You will therefore be able to bring the companion faster to the maximum level.

Eye Scream – horror in the arena

Element – shadow

Role – expert

HP – 3357

ATK – 2652

DEF – 657

Stars – Min 1 / Max 6

Why is Eye Scream so good? The sympathetic journeyman, who walks his only eye in the mouth, is a very good match especially in the arena. His skill is directed against all opponents and ensures that they can no longer block damage and avoid an attack.

Eye Scream will help you defeat your opponents faster in the arena. In addition, Eye Scream, like Smoke Scream, has the highest attack value of 2,652.

What skill does Eye Scream bring?

Even Eye Scream has only one attack on offer, which is extremely useful though:

Surprise – Attacks all enemies and triggers Horror status, preventing enemies from blocking or avoiding damage. Also, defense against status effects is reduced for three rounds.

Where can I find the soul stones for Eye Scream?

If you’re already farming the hero Wham-Shell, you’ll probably have the soulstones you need for Eye Scream together. Because like the hard crustacean, you find the Soulstones in the Ninth World, the House of Shadows, in the stages 9.1 – 9.6 (simple, normal and hard).

Keep in mind, however, that your Wham shell and Eye Scream can only farm together on the simple difficulty level. At least you’ll have the Soulstones complete for Eye Scream faster than for Wham Shell.

That’s how long it takes to get all the soulstones for Eye Scream: You also need to invest about 29 hours for Eye Scream, so the effort is analogous to the other two bad guys in our list, Broccoli Guy and Smoke Scream.

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