Today Came An Update For Apex Legends On PC – The Patch Notes In German

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Today Came An Update For Apex Legends On PC – The Patch Notes In German

A new patch for the PC version of Apex Legends has been added. The hotfix should ensure that there are fewer crashes.

What was patched?

According to an official post from Respawn on Reddit, several bugs have been fixed, could crash on the PC by the Apex Legends. Fixed some issues that could cause memory corruption.

The patch is not the “end” of development because there may still be issues with:

  • the memory (memory)
    less common problems

As a result of the patch, however, Apex Legends should now run smoother and no longer seemingly randomly giving up the ghost. In the internal test, there were no more crashes. The patch was released on March 22, so it’s available now.

I still have issues: If the patch did not resolve your crash issues, Respawn asks you to send the appropriate “apex_crash.txt” file to your support forum.

Why is the patch coming now?

So far it has been difficult for Respawn to pin down exactly why the PC version of Apex Legends crashed over and over again. Many games have often complained. Even an update from Nvidia did not do much.

The problem eventually became almost as big as the hacker problem that Respawn is also concerned with.

Through the patch of March 19, in which also the 1st Season and the Battle Pass were played, could now be worked on the crashes.

With the new patch, Apex Legends writes a text file listing causes of a crash. When sent to Respawn, developers can see exactly what happened. So the crashes could be solved with the new hotfix.

What will be fixed in the future?

Since both the hacker problem and the crashes have now been addressed, no major changes are officially scheduled. Only these two will probably be treated even more intensively.

The professional Shroud, however, still sees room for improvement in the game itself, because the hype seems at the moment about to abzuflauen. Also, the Battle Pass is not as successful as hoped, but at least the profit figures of Apex Legends in February did not hurt too much.

But fans can at least look forward to “missions” that may make the Battle Pass better. Something concrete to new features or troubleshooting does not yet exist.

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