With This Trick, You Are Wonderfully Mean In Red Dead Redemption 2


With This Trick, You Are Wonderfully Mean In Red Dead Redemption 2

In Red Dead Redemption 2 , the protagonist Arthur is not just a gentleman, he can also verbally pretty well deal. A video now shows what naughty answers the Outlaw can give.

Why be mean? A new video is making the players in the subreddit of Red Dead Online just laugh. The user mynamestanner has demonstrated how evil Arthur Morgan in single player to the NPCs can be.

In his opinion, Arthur makes the best of spells when he greets NPCs two times in a row and then immediately becomes mean to them. It almost seems like the developers wanted the players to be friendly and then nasty to the characters.

In another scene, Arthur encounters another rider on horseback . Again this is greeted. Then the cowboy tells the stranger that he likes him because he has a friendly face. Fies adds to Arthur that it is a face he would like to punch into.

What do the players say? The readers in the RDR2 Subreddit currently have a lot of fun with the video. They think that Arthur’s answers are just too good a coincidence to be coincidence.

Especially it has done the users the outfit from the video. Unfortunately, one does not seem to come to the pants, which leaves the butt open. As mynamestanner writes, this was due to a bug: You had to put a bathtub on fire before you sat down in it. The bug has already been fixed.

Red Dead Online players can look forward to a new update this spring:

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