WoW Is Now Free For Ex-Players – This Is How You Use The Time Best


WoW Is Now Free For Ex-Players – This Is How You Use The Time Best

World of Warcraft invites former players to come in again. For this purpose, the veterans will be given the subscription for a few days. How you participate and how to make the most of the time, you will learn here.

Here’s how to play for free: From the 21st to the 25th of March, you can play World of Warcraft completely free as a former player. You do not need a subscription. Just download the client from the official website and install WoW.

However, there are some limitations. If you did not buy Battle for Azeroth , you will only be able to play all content up to and including Legion. There are only a few trial hours for the BfA content:

  • 3 hours per character or
  • until the conclusion of “A divided nation” (Alliance) / “We need each other” (Horde)
  • repeatable up to 12 characters

However, if you already own Battle for Azeroth, you can enjoy all the features. It only eliminates the subscription fee for the time. A concrete date for the end is not yet known.

Tips for returning at the weekend

What should I know about BfA? Depending on when you stopped World of Warcraft, Azeroth will have done a lot since then:

  • Your legion artifact weapons are out of power
  • several ally peoples were added as playable races
  • there are no more PvP servers, instead of the war mode

For former Legion players, this should not be too big a change. Players who have previously stopped may be confused. Much of the content that you meet before BfA suddenly becomes useless upon reaching Kul Tiras and Zandalar.

What should I experience? If you look into WoW at the weekend, you should use the short time effectively to see as much as possible. We have some tips for you on how to get the most out of the free weekend.

For Legion players:

  • plays the Siege of Undercity
  • get the heart of Azeroth and listen to the stories of the famous NPCs
  • plays the introduction in Kul Tiras / Zandalar at least once
  • Test the new war mode
  • avoids the latest content from Legion. It costs a lot of time for little added value

For BfA players:

  • drives the war campaign and learns more about the war
  • a look at the raids Uldir and siege of Dazar’alor to
  • take part in the new warfront: Darkshore or explore it
  • explore Kul Tiras and Zandalar if you have not already done so
  • Island expeditions can be interesting but take a lot of time
  • trying to unlock one of the new Allied peoples

For players before Legion:

  • Follow the story since your last visit.
  • Each extension has great stories tried the hero-class demon hunter from dive into your
  • Legion class halls if you’re interested in class fantasy
  • familiarize yourself with new abilities of your favorite class

These add-ons are helpful: If you do not just want to experience Azeroth, but also want to immerse yourself in the content, make some add-ons that much easier. A short list that we recommend for the weekend:

  • Bagnon and Scrap – a better overview in inventory and automatic sale of scrap
  • Dominos – better overview of action bars
  • OmniBar – Overview of opponent cooldowns in PvP
  • WoWQuote 2 – for funny sayings while leveling and exploring
  • Mapster – for a more enjoyable card

Of course, add-ons are not compulsory, but they make much more pleasant. The 9 best add-ons for Battle for Azeroth we have compiled in a separate article for you.

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