Final Fantasy XIV: New Peoples With Genderlock – Fans Upset


Final Fantasy XIV: New Peoples With Genderlock – Fans Upset

For the extension Shadowbringer of Final Fantasy XIV, two new peoples confirmed: the Viera and the Hrothgar. And they both gender-locked, which really perverted part of the community.

What was announced?

When the first new people of the Viera were unveiled in Paris a few months ago, the fans noticed immediately that only female Viera saw in the announcement video.

This led to speculation that the people less no playable men. However, many wanted to wait until the last Fan Festival in Japan, if not perhaps there the male representatives of the people shown. But in their place, a completely new people of Hrothgar was announced, which had previously been leaked by a glitch. And they will be exclusively male.

You can see the announcement video for the Hrothgar here:

This happened in the community: the announcement led to a wave of outrage on Reddit and social media. Players accuse the development team of repeating the mistakes of 1.0, where the two peoples Miqo’te and Roegadyn gender-locked.

This changed with patch 2.0 and the return to gender lock in Shadowbringers taken very negative. So wrote a user on Reddit: “This is just fucking stupid. You’re like any other fucking Asia MMORPG with Genderlock now. ”

Even in the official forums, many players currently leave steam. So wrote the player Hashalt in the thread “Gender-locked Race?”: “Extremely disappointed and angry. The worst fan fest of all. ”

This part of the community requires the missing genders to patched during Shadowbringers.

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Is that the only opinion?

However, there is also a headwind. In another thread, user satoppa wrote, “Just because you do not like it does not mean it’s a disaster.” And there were also other players who supported his opinion.

On social media, many players have reported that the Hrothgar have fallen in love and are looking forward to playing the new people.

How will it go on?

At this time, it is impossible for the development team to lift the gender lock until the add-on’s release, no matter how negative the community’s reactions are.

Whether it will ever happen in the future is also hard to say. However, there is a precedent for this.

What is Genderlock and what is behind it? “Genderlock” means that a class or race can only have one gender:

  • In Asia, Genderlock is common because you want to see differences between warrior and warrior in the style of play
  • In the West, Gender-lock frowned upon because the player wants control over the character and its design