Fortnite Leaked Skins: These Outfits Are Still Missing


Fortnite Leaked Skins: These Outfits Are Still Missing

The Fortnite Patch 8.11 did not bring any new cosmetics with it. There are still missing some items that have not yet come into the shop. We show you all the skins and outfits that are missing.

You know that about the outfits: with every patch from Fortnite new skins are brought into play. Dataminer then searches the patch and publish the found cosmetics.

The outfits will usually go to the shop in the next few days and you can buy them. Some of the outfits are still missing but were found at Datamining.

These Cosmetics Were Found

This skin was discovered: The skin “Carbon Commando” was indeed discovered in the code, but never published.

These gliders are unpublished: a total of 3 gliders were found that are not yet in the shop. They are less spectacular, but still quite cool to look at.

These are the missing picks: These 2 pickaxes have not been released yet. These look very cool though. There is an antler with a cowboy hat and a tree trunk with which your opponent can beat you up.

This back cover is unpublished: Matching the Carbon Commando Skin, there is also a back cover. He will probably come with the skin in the shop, but so far nothing came.

That’s the lack of paint: A cool magma finish was discovered, but never brought to the shop. That’s how your weapons look glowing hot.

This is what the missing emote looks like: An emote was also found that you can not use yet. If you use this dance, you make countless backflips in a row.

This is important in cosmetics: the whole thing is just cosmetic items. So you will not get better if you buy these outfits. So far, they are not yet in the shop. Why they are missing so far, you do not really know.

When will the cosmetics come? There is no release date for cosmetics. Maybe they will not be published at all.

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