Ninja Explains Why Normal Players In Fortnite Have A Hard Time Now


Ninja Explains Why Normal Players In Fortnite Have A Hard Time Now

If you are a casual player in Fortnite, you often take the shots very quickly and get out. The professional streamer Ninja explains in a stream why that is.

Why is it so hard for normal players in Fortnite?

Ninja explains in his stream that Fortnite players just keep getting better over time. If your novice or a casual player trying to break something, then usually directly zugebaut attacked from several sides and bombarded with bullets. You do not get a real chance. The streamer then addressed the issue of matchmaking and why so important for such cases.

That’s what Ninja says about the difficulty at Fortnite

In this situation, the streamer was: Ninja has just survived a fight outside the zone and has saved herself inside. There he noticed that it would be difficult for casual players to survive such a thing.

Ninja says, “I do not see a casual winning a game in this meta, maybe on a PC, but that’s just so crazy.” Above all, the building is a problem for ninja. He enumerates a long list of items needed to turn off an opponent whom so involved.

So you need in this case, inter alia, gas grenades, dynamite, adhesive bombs, and other explosive material.

If you are not deep in it, Simply overwhelmed and would constantly lose out.

This could be the solution: Ninja then says that he finds matchmaking important in such situations. So the players could compete against each other, who have the same skill level.

So beginners could practice first and come in before then compete against better players.

That’s what Fortnite looks like right now: Proper matchmaking does not exist at Fortnite. For Valentine’s Day 2019 Epic had started attempts with matchmaking and leaderboards, but so far has not been implemented.

More and more players complain about the high level of difficulty and that is why Ninja meets the nerve of the players with his statement.

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