Pokémon GO: Research Event In March Runs 9 Hours, Bringing 2 Shiny’s


Pokémon GO: Research Event In March Runs 9 Hours, Bringing 2 Shiny’s

The next limited research in Pokémon GO is known. In March you will get special assignments around Shiny Lilac and you will find Shiny Formeo in the wild.

Why are the Shinys available? Niantic announced limited research for the end of March. It’s all about a lot of root, which you can find as Shiny.

In addition, Pokémon, which are related to weather spawn, increased. There is even a chance for dazzling Formeo.

This is known about the limited research in March

When does the event go? On March 30, the event will run for a full 9 hours. From 11 o’clock to 20 o’clock there are special quests.

The 9 hour event time should be happy for some players. For past events of the limited research, there were complaints about the duration of the event. It was far too short for players.

These are the bonuses: The limited research brings special field research and also a small event. So there are:

  • Special fieldwork that revolves around the root
  • Pokémon, which influenced by the weather spawn more and more. This includes Formeo
  • Shiny Lilac and Formeo (in normal form) can be found

How rare are the Shinys?

In recent limited research with Perlu, the Shiny rate from the quests was very high. So almost every player got a dazzling perlu. This could also be the case with Loturzel. How the Shiny Rate will be at Formeo remains to be seen.

This known about Shiny Formeo: Only the normal form of Formeo will give it as Shiny. The other shapes do not yet have a shiny shape in Pokémon GO. So you have to go hunting the normal form.

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There is a new attack: Formeo will also have a new attack. So it will be able to permanently learn the attack meteorologist.