Unity Boss Explains Why There Will Be 4 Billion Gamers In 7 Years


Unity Boss Explains Why There Will Be 4 Billion Gamers In 7 Years

The head of the engine “Unity” talks about the future of gaming. In his view, that is already the dominant medium on the planet and it would be more and more gamers. Simple Reason: The older people who do not play die away – and whoever comes along plays.

Who’s speaking?

This is John Riccitiello, the head of Unity Technologies. Its Engine Unity programs many games around the world, such as Escape from Tarkov, Hearthstone or Cuphead. In an interview with VentureBeat, he talks about his view of gaming.

When asked if “interactive films like Bandersnatch” are an interesting alternative to gaming, he explains in detail how big gaming is and how big it will be.

Alone Unity players are bigger than TV

Gaming is already so big: Riccitiello says that only the games that rely on Unity reach more people on a quarterly basis than people who watch TV. And that’s just his company and its ecosystem: reach several billion people each month.

He did not know which medium was so big except gaming.

A game like Apex Legends will get more players in the first week than anything on Netflix in Netflix history.

Old Generation 3% Gamer – New Generation 80% Gamer
Gaming is just that big: The number of gamers in the world has risen, mainly due to mobile.

At the moment there are three billion gamers.

  • In the next five to seven years, it should be 4 billion, believes the Unity boss.
  • For a very simple reason: over the next 10 years, some people over 80 would die.

About one-quarter of the world’s population is over 65. That is 1.5 billion people, of whom perhaps 3% are gamers.

When this group dies and new humans are born in time, 80% of the newcomers are gamers.

When 1.5 billion people are replaced, 1 billion gamers will join.

Mobile would have done more for the number of gamers than anything else, because it brought a device into everybody’s hands.

These are his predictions for the future: Riccitiello says:

  • Streaming could speed up the process – making it easier for people to come to a gaming platform because there is no purchase price
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality would start attracting more people, but he did not know how many exactly
  • This is still important: Riccitiello means with “Gamer” every person who plays. No matter how long, how intense or on which platform. So the term is used in the gaming industry.

Many core gamers are of the opinion that the term should be much narrower and should only apply to people who would call themselves a gamer in the sense of a hobbyist.