With This Trick, Anthem Should Run Better On Your PS4


With This Trick, Anthem Should Run Better On Your PS4

In Anthem, there were some problems so far, even on the technical side of the game. Now, PS4 players report a solution that visually enhanced Anthem’s gaming experience on their PlayStation. Here you will learn what you need to do for it.

The player writes: Reddit user “knightfallzx2” recently posted a post on Reddit describing how he managed to make Anthem run better on his PS4.

He has had a much better visual experience from the change. Whether this trick also works for PC and Xbox players, is still unknown.

Some PS4 users on Reddit confirmed this and also report a smoother gaming experience. The chance that it works for you is relatively high.

That’s the trick:

You have to lower the camera shake display to 0% in Anthem under Game Settings. These can be found under Settings / Video / Graphics settings / Camera shake.

Which improvements should you notice? According to Knightfallzx2, the game world should feel smoother during the flight. The world would “move with it seamlessly”.

So if you have any problems with lag or the rubberband effect in Anthem, you should try this trick in any case.

It could have a positive effect on your gaming experience.

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