It Bothers A Pro Now That Fortnite Is About So Much Money

Bothers A Pro Because Of So Much Money

It Bothers A Pro Now That Fortnite Is About So Much Money

Bothers A Pro: Professionals can earn real money in Fortnite because the prize money in tournaments is very high: Especially in the soon-to-start World Cup. But that’s too much for a professional player. Because he means that Fortnite is not ready for such high sums.

Therefore Fortnite is unfit for such high prize money: The professionals Tfue and Cloak have already won thousands of dollars in prize money, but at least for Cloak, the prize money is now too high.

Fortnite has too many bugs and so is not ready to play that much money.

 It Bothers A Pro Now That Fortnite Is About So Much Money

The pros of the prize money keep that in Fortnite

The pros say: The two players Tfue and Cloak of Clan FaZe are among the strongest duos in competitive Fortnite. Currently, they are preparing for the Fortnite World Cup, playing together a lot and streaming as well. Since the topic came up “high prize money.”

So Cloak says in the stream:

“It’s really shitty how much money is at stake. The game is nowhere near where it needs to be to have that amount of money as a prize pool. “

When it comes to so much money, that’s “just stupid,” he says.

Why is not Fortnite ready? The game is always plagued by bugs that also bother in tournaments.

In addition, the pros complain over and over again that Epic changes basic things just before tournaments. So there are new items, or places in the game, that turns the entire meta upside down.

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How much money is it?

  • Fortnite has raised $ 100 million in prize money for the 2019 season
  • There are often tournaments where players can win over $ 200,000.
  • The World Cup alone has a budget of $ 30 million, the winner in solo mode receives $ 3 million

That’s too much for Cloak. Apparently, the fun is lost as well. Because with so much money, the fun of the game is no longer the focus.

Bothers A Pro

There are voices against it: Fortnite’s most well-known streamer, Ninja, sees it differently. For him, the prize money is fine.

He makes fun of the complaints. For him, the complaint is apparently absurd.

Ninja says there are always reasons why the pros are upset. If the prize money was different, then players would find a new reason to complain about Epic.

Why is the prize money so high? Epic can afford to write such high prize money

After all, Fortnite 2018 has dropped about 3 billion US dollars professional. High prize money increases the attractiveness of tournaments and ensures a lively eSport.

It is ironic that Tfue and Cloak refused in February to play in the ESL tournament in Katowice. The prize money was too low for them (via dotesports ). There were a total of $ 500,000 there – the winners in the duo got $ 80,000.

The two of them lost three days to the event in Poland and thought that normal streaming would earn them more during this time.

This shows that the prize money in Fortnite must be high to even get the top players to participate because they earn very well, thanks to Twitch and special deals if they do not play tournaments.

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When will the eSport year 2019 really start? Currently, the Fortnite professionals are preparing for this $ 30 million competition.

  • Qualification for the World Cup starts on April 13th
  • The actual final event will be on July 26th to 28th

Besides Tfue and Clocak, Ninja has recently been training for this competition. He has also decided to tackle eSport in Fortnite again.

What do you think? Are the prize money too high, or do you find it appropriate?

Bothers A Pro : Tfue and Ninja also met each other in the game. This is how it went:

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