Sony Reveals: Another legend About Apex Legends Season 1


Sony Reveals: Another legend About Apex Legends Season 1

Sony has released fresh information about a new legend in Apex Legends. As it stands, Octane and Co. get the company in Season 1.

What exactly did Sony say? The official Apex Legends for Sony PlayStation 4 product page features a short text for Season 1 of the Battle Royale hit.

Apex Legends

Sony writes in this text:

New Legends and Loot – Two new characters Soon released during the season

The first of these characters is the new legend Octane, which has been available since the start of Season 1 and the Battle Pass. The other, new legend can be speculated so far only.

Apex Legends

What new legend is that? From some leaks and the famous apex player Shroud, a name for a hero already known: Wattson.

Wattson one of the legends Shroud could play before the release of Apex Legends.

According to some leaks and data mines, one of Wattson’s abilities is said to be a shock trap. Fans suspect that these work similarly to Caustics gas traps.

They suspect objects on the ground or on the wall, the hit enemies shock and briefly stun or slow down.

Apex Legends

Sony has confirmed that: The text is not just about a new legend. There should be more items:

  • A new “weapon set”
  • That probably includes another weapon besides the new Havoc
  • New cosmetics for every new legend and every weapon

The new weapon could be the L-STAR, which has appeared more frequently in leaks. The L-STAR should be a light MG, which manages without ammunition. Instead, it can overheat, limiting itself.

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Apex Legends

How safe is the information? That a new legend comes is very safe, since the info comes directly from Sony and not from Dataminern.

The information, which legend is accurate, but speculation. Respawn has previously commented on leaks, saying that players should not rely too much on them. Only official information is safe.

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