The Division 2: How You Find Secret Trader Cassie Mandoza


The Division 2: That’s How You Find The Secret Trader Cassie Mandoza

In The Division 2 , Cassie Mandoza is a secret merchant who has to be unlocked and found. But that pays off. She has valuable equipment in her luggage. So you find the “Xur of The Division 2.”

This is Cassie Mandoza: This dealer is not so easy to find. She has random spawn points and changes her location at certain intervals. She also has special equipment in her luggage.

Some may remember Xur, the dealer from Destiny 2, who is changing his location.

We’ll show you how to locate Cassie Mandoza, the Xur of The Division 2 .

The Division 2

The spy tells you about Cassie Mandoza’s location

You have to do that to find the secret merchant: You must first locate the NPC “The Snitch”. He also has several spawn points where he can happen by accident.

This spy is a valuable informant who can give you bounties and betray Cassie’s location.

Here’s how to find the spy: Look at the question marks on your map that are not tied to checkpoints or similar activity.

If the question mark disappears as you approach it, it may be a possible location for the spiked.

GosuNoob has presented 4 places in their video where they could find the spy:

  • The spy was found northeast of the Safe House in Constitution Hall, west of the White House. He can appear there in a tent where mushrooms are grown.
  • A locality is in the northwestern part of West Potamac Park, near the Washington Monument. The spy sits on a wall, near a barrel stack.
  • In Southwest, the informer was hiding in a building found on the southern edge of the area
  • There is also a hideout in Downtown East, on the northeastern edge of the area. The informer can appear there next to a restaurant menu
  • Another locality is near the White House, on the northeastern edge of the area. The informer is sitting there in an alley near some cars.
  • You can also search in the tunnel that leads to the Roosevelt Island Base. The informer can spawn near the entrance there.
  • In the Constitution Hall area, there is a mall where you can find the informer at a bakery. The mall is located on the eastern edge of the area, towards the White House.
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The Division 2

We will update the article with further locations.

We found him near some shanties in the northeastern corner of the Downtown East area. Hey, what’s next to a restaurant menu.

Here’s how you find Cassie Mandoza: Speak to the spy, then the icon of Cassie pops up on the map. It is a white shopping cart icon.

When does she change location? Cassie changes her location every 36 hours. With each change, she also gets new goods, so it is always worth keeping an eye on her.

This is what the secret trader offers: Cassie Mandoza sells some cool things. In addition to normal gear (yellow and purple) that matches your Gear score, she also has a couple of named high-end items in her luggage.

The named high-end weapons have their own weapons skins and special talents.

The Division 2

Cassie Mandoza can only be found at level 30.

Whether Cassie can later with world rank 5 even more valuable equipment such as exotic weapons, is currently unknown.

This is how you can work around this limit: If you are with a player in the group, the Mandoza has already unlocked, you can also fall back on your offer. Even if you are not level 30.

Maybe Cassie has one of these 5 strong PvP weapons for you:

Do you want exotic weapons? Take a look at our guides:

  • Kendra’s freedom, an exotic pistol
  • The Schnatterbox, an exotic P90 submachine gun
  • Merciless, a merciless rifle

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