Catch Between Anthem And Apex Legends Over Making More Money

Catch Between Anthem And Apex Legends

Anthem Has Made More Money Than Apex Legends, But There Is A Catch

A Catch: The new online RPG Anthem is superb at $ 100 million in digital revenue in the launch month of February 2019. You have taken more money than Apex Legends. But there is one flaw: The Anthem Cash Shop contributes little to revenue.

Anthem sold so well to the release:

After more negative numbers came in the beginning, the situation has now improved significantly:

  • Anthem is the “second most successful launch” of a BioWare title in the US, the market research institute NPD Group reports
  • Superdata believes Anthem has made $ 100 million in digital sales worldwide in February 2019. This is a top title on PS4 and Xbox One.
  • So it really seems to be what BioWare announced after the launch: Do not worry, there are a lot of people playing Anthem.

Catch Between Both Of The Games

That’s how much Apex Legends deserves: Respawn’s new Battle Royale shooter generates $ 92 million in global digital revenue. This is the most successful launch month of a Free2Play title ever, reports Superdata.

Anthem earned $ 8 million more than Apex Legends in February 2019, although Apex Legends appeared about two weeks before Anthem.


Anthem because of sold games at this level

This is the catch at Anthem: Superdata reports that only $ 3.5 million of sales will come from Anthem’s “Cash Shop” and microtransactions in February 2019.

Most of the digital revenue comes from selling the game itself.

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Catch Between Anthem And Apex Legends Over Making More Money

That’s a problem: BioWare does not plan paid DLCs to provide Anthem with new content, such as Destiny. You do not want to develop a second part like The Division.

After the release of Anthem, the game will be financed exclusively through the cash-shop. That does not seem to have worked too well, at least in February.

Although players started with some play money in February, so had a supply before they had to use microtransactions. But there also seems to be little in the shop that Lancer wants to buy, as one takes player reactions.

It will be interesting to see how BioWare responds to this situation. For example, there will not be any armor skins in the new cosmetic chests.

So the situation at Anthem is now

The numbers say clearly that BioWare could reach a large player base with Anthem and convince them to buy the game right after the release.

Now it’s up to BioWare to make the players active players who stay in the game, enjoy it and are willing to buy something in the shop.

So the beginning is for Anthem. The online RPG is on a solid financial footing. Now it’s about building on that foundation.

So the situation for Apex Legends is now

Respawn and EA has created to the release a huge hype around Apex Legends, among other things with the dearly bought help of Star Streamers.

Respawn could use this hype. Now the question will be whether they can maintain this level in the next few months.

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Because even if Apex Legends is strong in the gameplay, in the “cosmetics department” the developers of Respawn still seem to have weaknesses.

So both games are in comparison: Although Anthem has implemented in February 2019 more money than the hyped Apex Legends:

but at Apex Legends, all the cash comes from the cash-shop, which will remain attractive in the coming months.
The money that Anthem earned with the launch was a one-time revenue.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows.

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