Fixes: Fortnite Plans Update Annoying Bugs Supposed To Fly

Fixes: Fortnite Plans Update Annoying Bugs Supposed To Fly

Fortnite Plans Update With Many Fixes: These Annoying Bugs Supposed To Fly

 Plans Fixes: Although Patch 8.20 for Fortnite is still a few days away, Epic Games already gives an idea of what will change in the patch notes. The update takes care of some serious bugs.

What does Patch 8.20 bring?

In Fortnite, players are battling with many bugs. The new pirate cannons aim wherever they want. Some players are immortal when they are down. In others, the feet do not de-ice anymore. Fortnite wants to tackle many of the current bugs in patch 8.20.

These bugs fixed: On Reddit Community Coordinator MrPopoFTS showed which bugs fixed in the upcoming update. It’s about a lot of problems that the community showed the developers.

  • A problem solved with the gripper. Since it was possible to do damage to players who are behind a wall.
  • It also fixes a problem with frozen feet. These kept the effect infinitely long if you used emotes meanwhile
  • Traps now inflict their damage on the Kugler vehicle instead of the driver.
  • A rare mistake is to get a handle on which players who lie on the floor become invulnerable and can not be eliminated.
  • Players who you traveling as a passenger in a vehicle should now also be able to select construction material.

 Plans Fixes Fortnite Update : Annoying Bugs Supposed To Fly


These cannon problems fixed: All over the map of Fortnite, you can find in Season 8 cannons. So also at the pirate camps. However, the cannons not quite round, why the following problems resolved:

  • Sometimes players fly in a different direction than they would with the cannon when shooting down
  • Players sometimes cannot enter the cannons if they are too close to other structures
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The complete planned patch notes can be found here on Reddit. Remember that these are not final. This means not everything mentioned here may fixed in patch 8.20. “It can always be that troubleshooting does not work the way we imagined or did not put it in the patch,” says MrPopoTFS.