Important Community Day Of Pokemon Time Changes How?

Important Community Day Time Changes

Pokémon GO Changes Times Of The Important Community Day How?

The Important Community Day in Pokémon GO has been held for months at the same time. Now Niantic changed something about the event times. True, as you found it!

This is new to the times: Community Day has been held for months on Saturdays between 11 am and 2 pm. Now Niantic has changed something because the event in March did not start until 3 pm and ran until 6 pm.

The change of times left much room for discussion and on Reddit, the new times were often positive. But how do you see that? Take our survey and vote on the time you found better.

Important Community Day Of Pokemon Time Changes How?

So the new times arrived

Players say Players from all over the world report on the new event times. The players are happy that there was the same event time everywhere.

It used to be different from region to region. For example, the Community Day in Brazil ran from 5 pm to 8 pm. Now times consistent everywhere and that is well received.

These are the voices: We’ve got some positive and negative voices on Reddit for you :

  • Asriel52: As a retailer, 3 to 6 pm was much better for me, I love that!
  • wannabedragonmother: I like the new timeframe because I outlast, but I satisfied with every timeframe. I saw more people today, but maybe that just my region
  • WiIIiam_M_: I’m so happy! In Hawaii, Community Day usually started at 8 am. Now I could sleep in!
  • Hanter763: I did not like the new time very well. Usually, I still did things after the event, but this is not possible with the new times
  • Emasst: I work at the weekend. So I could not play the event until the end. The old times were better
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What do you think of the new times? Vote!

We have a poll for you. Decides which times were better for you. Write in the comments, which time you prefer and why.

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