Incident: New Cheat In Solo Tournament Shows Old Problem, Fortnite

Incident in solo tournament

Fortnite: New Cheat Incident In Solo Tournament Shows Old Problem

There is another cheater incident in Fortnite. Two European players have joined forces in a solo competition. The incident again shows a primal problem with Fortnite tournaments.

This is the problem: solo games in Fortnite have long been a problem. It’s easy to band together and go hunting for a game together: For many other players, this is unfair because they play alone and have no chance against the duo.

The latest incident just shows that this problem is still common in Fortnite. The two players were even caught cheating in the stream.

Incident: New Cheat In Solo Tournament Shows Old Problem, Fortnite

So the cheaters were caught

Here it has been noticed: On Reddit, an attentive player has shared a video that shows the Europeans “Bagel4k” and “sevenjoshh”. During a solo gauntlet event, the two players get together and even share their potions. So they work together clearly.

Who are the players? Anyone familiar with European eSports should know the two players:

  • Bagel4k had already qualified for the Winter Royale tournament.
  • Sevenjoshh in return is currently considered an emerging talent in Fortnite.

Both players have also qualified for the new Blackheart Cup, which is priced at $ 100,000. For the tournament, you qualify about the Gauntlet tournaments – just the ones where the two were caught in “Teaming”.

How will the cheaters go on? So far, Epic has not yet commented on the incidents. But it is safe to assume that both players will be suspended for future tournaments, as Epic usually has no tolerance for such incidents.

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This problem exists with cheaters: Epic has been struggling with cheaters for years. In October 2018, they bought their own anti-cheat company, which mainly works against cheat programs.

Collusion, as was the case here, can be difficult Epic fight. Many players are annoyed about it.

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