Pokémon GO Players Wonder: Where Is Nincada? 

Where Is Nincada?

Pokémon GO Players Wonder: Where Is Nincada? 

The Pokémon Nincada is not very common in Pokémon GO. That’s why many players wonder where the Beetle Pokémon is right now.

Pokémon Go an augmented reality mobile game made and published by Niantic for iOS and Android devices. A part of the Pokémon franchise, it was first released in certain countries in July 2016

This is Nincada: The Beetle and Soil Pokémon first came into play in November. There you could get it in field research. In addition, there was Ninjatom, one of his developments, in the research breakthrough.

That’s the problem: But you can only get his other development Ninjask by putting in 50 candies and this is a problem for many players because at the moment you can not get close to Nincada.

Pokémon GO Players Wonder: Where Is Nincada? 

This problem exists with Nincada

That’s why there is a problem: there is currently no way to catch Nincada. It was found some time ago in 7-km eggs, but now the game is out of the egg pool again.

So if you still need Nincada candies, or the game does not even have the PokéDex, you have a problem.

The players say: On Reddit, many players are now wondering when to get Nincada next time. Sayk88 writes: “I missed Nincada and am now waiting for its re-release.

“I’ve never found this fieldwork and only one of my friends got it, so I have no choice but to sit around and wait for them to bring Nincada again. I’m not sure why considering it’s not like it’s a legendary or useful Pokemon, “it says of another player.

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Will it come again? Considering how many players are missing Nincada and developing Ninjask, you can almost be sure it will come again. Maybe by field research or again in eggs.

How does it look for you? Do you already have Nincada and Ninjask?

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