Service Revolver Is One Of The Best Weapons In Destiny 2 Why?

Service Revolver In Destiny 2

That’s Why The Service Revolver Is One Of The Best Weapons In Destiny 2

Service Revolver: In Destiny 2, the new season brought some well-known weapons back into the game. Including the vanguard handgun “Dienstrevolver”: for us one of the best weapon in Destiny 2. What you need to know all about the service revolver, we have summarized here for you.

This is the story of the Destiny 2 weapon: The service revolver was first introduced in Destiny 2 for the third season. That was in May 2018. At that time, the handgun could only be obtained with a fixed perk combo.

In the current season of the Vagabond 2019, the Vanguard weapon makes a comeback, but this time with random perks.

Service Revolver Is One Of The Best Weapons In Destiny 2 Why?

The service revolver: What is the weapon?

That’s what makes the gun: The service revolver is a legendary handgun with precision housing. So she sits in the same archetype. Similarly also the notorious guardian killer Lunas Howl and Do not Forget.

However, the service revolver is in the kinetic slot compared to its PvP relatives. This makes them a precision handgun that does not sit in the Energy Weapon slot. A rarity: the only other exception is the exotic handgun service offenses.

These are the stats: The service revolver has a rate of fire of 180. In addition, comes high stability and a pretty good range. Reload time and handling are relatively average, but you can change that with the right perks.

That’s why the service revolver is one of the best weapons: Thanks to the random roll you can even arrive in the crucible against the dominant top weapons. Than Certain weapon perks, such as the kill clip or the range finder, are particularly effective at restraining the TTK monsters.

You’ll get the same TTK (Time to kill) as Kill’s clip, like Luna’s Howl and Do not Forget.

So you get the Vanguard weapon

Those of you who caught the service revolver in year one can get it from Engrams from Zavala. Each rank upgrade gives you the chance to get the Vanguard weapon again.

If you’ve missed the opportunity back then, you’ll first need to complete 40 Strikes in the Strike Playlist. This will unlock the Triumph “Season 6: Deals”. This will enable you to buy the Service Mirrors for 100 Mica from Zavala. After purchase, the weapon is included in Zavala’s Loot Pool.

Note: You do not have to do the 40 strikes with one character. As well as  Triumph counts all of your account’s Strike deals, so you can split them between your characters.

These weapon perks are suitable for the service revolver

The service revolver can receive a variety of different perks. Here are a few examples of which bonuses would be suitable for this weapon.

  • Weapon Perks for PvE
  • Visor – Quiet Hand HV, True Vision HV, Hitmark HV
  • Magazine – long-term magazine shaft/impact bullets / light magazine
  • Perk 1 – Outlaw / Quick hit
  • Perk 2 – Rush / kill clip / triple
  • Mods – Romp Specification / Major Specification
  • For PvE, the well-known damage perks prove to be the best choice. Triple can be used in combination with
  • Also Quick Hit, which allows you to shoot longer with the weapon before reloading.

Weapon Perks for PvP

  • Visor – Quiet Hand HV, Hitmark HV, Safe Shot HV
  • Magazine – Large Caliber Bullets / Improved Bullets / Impact Bullets
  • Perk 1 – Quick hit / Moving target / Rangefinder
  • Perk 2 – Kill Clip / Zen Moment / First Shot
  • Mods – target corrector / backup magazine

For the crucible, you should aim for kill-clip. Moreover, As a result, the service revolver can eliminate hostile guardians with three precision hits. This puts you on the same footing with the TTK (Time to kill) as Luna’s Howl and Not Forget.

In order to fight against not forget better than it is advisable to use a rangefinder.

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Here Aztecross shows you how the service revolver performs in the Crucible:

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