That’s Why It Will Take Until Picks And Bans In Overwatch

That's Why It Will Take Until Picks And Bans In Overwatch

That’s Why It Will Take Until Picks And Bans In Overwatch

Picks And Bans: Almost since the beginning of the game fans have been discussing a “Pick & Ban” feature for Overwatch. Lead Hero designer Geoff Goodman has now commented.

Why does not the feature come yet?

The main reason why Overwatch cannot pick and ban heroes is the current number of heroes.

Picks And Bans In Overwatch


With the new hero Baptiste, Overwatch has just received his 30th hero. But, according to Goodman, the hero squad would have to be significantly larger for such a system to make sense:

At the moment, we do not think we’re at a point where we have enough heroes for that to make sense. But if we reach a point where it feels “too much,” then we could do something like that.

Goodman via IGN

At the moment but no “Pick & Ban” feature is planned.

What is this feature?

The system may be familiar to many eSports fans and players from the MOBA genre, such as League of Legends, or from shooters like Rainbow Six: Siege.

In the “Pick & Ban,” both teams take turns taking their hero list. You choose a hero who is played in a team and who is then firmly selected. Following the opponents choose in certain patterns.

Between these “Picks” it comes to “Bans”. Each team locks one or more heroes for the match. These are then available for a match not to play.

What should the system serve for?

Fans hoping for a better gaming experience in ranked matches and a better viewing experience at eSports events like the Overwatch League.

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Currently, especially the Overwatch League has a big problem with the boring meta. Since the same heroes and combinations with little variety are always played, it quickly becomes dull. The system would remedy this situation.

Players also hope that this will bring less-featured heroes into focus and improve balance. They hope that static metas such as the currently prevailing GOATS meta can be broken more easily.

That’s the criticism: There is not a single, concrete idea for implementation yet. Many fans have already thought about what a “Pick & Ban” system might look like in Overwatch. But they always encounter problems:

  • Overwatch relies on heroes to change. That would not or hardly possible with Picks & Bans
  • A compromise between hero selection and picks & bans is hardly possible for many
  • In the professional field, many see the problem that simply unpopular heroes like bastion are simply banned each round. It would not change anything

Whether and how the system installed in the distant future remains to seen. Currently, it seems too complicated and does not make sense yet. First, Overwatch needs more heroes.

What do you say to the system?

One hope of the players is to see unpopular heroes more often on the big screen. Like a heroine who made her first appearance:

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows

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