Tips For Quickly Raise Your Gear Score To 450: The Division 2

Tips for The Division 2

Tips For Quickly Raise Your Gear Score To 450: The Division 2

Tips: In The Division 2, reaching max level 30, the Gear Score is unlocked. This indicates how high the values of your equipment are. We’ll show you how to increase the Gear Score fast.

That’s why the Gear Score is important: The Gear Score not only shows the overall strength of your gear. After reaching level 30, he is also a prerequisite to complete the bases again and to increase the world rankings.

Therefore, after level 30, your primary concern is to collect higher gear and increase your Gear Score. We’ll show you how to do that best.

Where is the border? Gear’s Softcap is currently ranked # 4 in the World at 450. World Rank 5 is expected to increase Gear Cap’s cap to 500.

However, it is already possible to get well over 450.

Tips For Quickly Raise Your Gear Score To 450: The Division 2

Tips: That’s why shopping is worth it: One of the fastest variants for the Gear score rise is likely to be buying things with higher Gear Score from dealers. You can find dealers in the White House or settlements.

It’s worth stopping by again after each world-class climb. Because the range of dealers scales with your world ranking. So that should always be the first thing you do. That’s why it pays to conquer control points: these open-world activities are quite generous in terms of rewards.

If you conquer a checkpoint,

There are often several loot boxes in the pantry (up to 3 pieces), which reward you with equipment. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to find new, stronger equipment and increase your Gear Score.

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In addition, the boxes reset after 24 hours. So, if you hold the checkpoint under the control of civilians, you will be permanently provided with loot.

The reset does not affect the very big boxes. In order for them to full again, a checkpoint must first taken by enemy NPCs and then recaptured.

That’s why bounties are worthwhile: These are basically short missions where you have to eliminate certain targets.

Although they are limited and need target data to be started. But if you do not play at the highest levels of difficulty, they are relatively easy to complete and reward you with a lot of equipment. Some bounties even give you certain weapon classes as a reward. So if you want to try other weapons, orders with their specific rewards are ideal.

In addition, you can level up the skills of your specialization that you unlock at level 30. Some completed bounty bets give skill points for the specialization you are playing at the time. That’s why faction containers pay off: In the boxes, which can only be opened with the keys of the factions, there is often a high-quality loot.

Tips: Here you have higher chances on items with higher Gear Score. How you reliably get the keys, our guide tells you: That’s why it’s worth making a detour: In the Dark Zone you can also find useful equipment with a little luck. However, solo players should be warned that renegade groups of players like to hunt down individual players.

But if you do not want PvP encounters at all,

The Dark Zone is not a good alternative. Our Dark Zone Guide will show you locations for crates and everything you need to know about the PvEvP area. That’s why it’s worth completing projects: many of the projects you receive in the settlements bring you valuable equipment.

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It also unlocks new bounty orders, which, as mentioned above, are also an effective way to farm equipment. If you have friends who are already in higher world ranks than you, you can play with them.

You can then simply pass on the loot that you find on missions with you. If you’ve already reached higher gear score caps, you’ll automatically find gear that’s at the top of your world rank. It even works before you reach level 30.

A few general tips

  • World Rank 1-3 is not worth building for you. You will progress relatively quickly in the Gear Score and exchange many parts quickly. So wait until the current highest world rank 4.
  • You will always find better loot if you have equipment parts with a high gear score in the inventory or in the warehouse. You do not have to have the parts equipped for this. How exactly that works, Massive has already stated: So drills better gear.

Open your level containers immediately. You scale with your Gear Score, which you have at the time you get the containers. So it’s not worth canceling. They usually reward you with better gear, which in turn increases your Gear Score.

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