Warframe Just Right: Everyone’s Talking About Anthem And Division 2

Warframe is just right

Everyone’s Talking About Anthem And Division 2, But Warframe Is Just Right

Warframe Is Just Right: While Anthem and The Division 2 dominate the headlines in gaming, there is a lot going on in the competition: Warframe is celebrating its birthday and is now bigger than ever after six years. There are more content and players than ever before in the history of the shooter.

Warframe Just Right: Everyone's Talking About Anthem And Division 2

How big is Warframe? Warframe, Digital Extreme’s action loot shooter, has been on the market for six years now. During this time, the once quite simple game has evolved neatly. Now Warframe has some impressive numbers to offer:

  • By now it has almost 50 million registered players (in 2018 it was “only” 38 million)
  • New highs were reached in daily and monthly users in 2019.
  • There were a total of 111 hotfixes
  • So far, 26 major updates have been downloaded to the servers
  • With 406,447 simultaneous viewers, Warframe came in twitch on rank 14

These were the highlights of Warframe: In 2019, Warframe has already released two major updates.

  • At the end of February, Nightwave released the first content update. Warframe’s alarm system has been thoroughly redesigned with seasonal and story-based content and rewards.
  • Later came Operation: Buried Debts. This was the second update for Fortuna, which introduced the tank warframe Hyldrin, Deck 12, and a brand new boss fight.

That’s why The Game is just right

All these records and updates show that Warframe has developed well. The developers do not want to rest on their laurels, but to lick it properly:

  • Remasters: The Plains of Eidolon and Cloud City on Jupiter (Gas City)  to thoroughly overhauled. It becomes a remaster in gameplay and at the presentation.
  • The New War: The big story update will continue the mysterious story of Warframe. If you know the previous story episodes with their stark plot twists, you should look forward to this update.
  • Railjack: This feature eagerly awaited. Because it will introduce big spaceships, with which you can deliver epic space battles. A feature that Destiny fans dream of to this day.

That’s why The Game does not have to hide from the competition: loot shooters are currently popular. The Division 2 recently came from Ubisoft and Anthem is not far from the window despite bad criticism for the launch.

Nevertheless, The Game is and remains a strong alternative. The main reason is that Warframe is still free to play and has a very fair Free2Play system.

In addition, there is a wealth of content that is second to none. There now dozens of warframes and classes in the game. The solo and team allow completely new tactics.

The frames then supplemented by a huge arsenal of weapons for close and long-range combat and an extremely extensive upgrade system.

And which game lets you equip a spaceship with stuffed animals and breed space dogs and cats? Anyway, our author Leya stuck with the latter feature.

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