Control – Release Confirmed In August 2019, New Gameplay


Control – Release confirmed in August 2019, new gameplay. So far, 505 Games and Remedy roughly announced the release date of their new IP ‘Control’ for 2019. While recently there was more hope for a summer release. Now the August 2019 officially confirmed.

Control is a third-person action adventure. That combines Remedy’s typical gunplay with supernatural abilities. It set in a unique, ever-changing world of our familiar reality. And the strange and inexplicable.

After the invasion of a secret authority in New York by an extraterrestrial threat. Players take on the role of Jesse Faden, the new leader who is trying to regain control. Built on the in-house Northlight engine, this game-driven, sandboxed experience.  All about mastering a combination of supernatural abilities, modifiable equipment. And reactive environments as you battle. Your way through the deep and mysterious worlds. For which Remedy known and loved. Impressions to provide the current gameplay videos.

Players who want to unlock the secrets of the enigmatic Oldest House. Can now pre-order Control for two exclusive bonus items. The “Tactical Response” for Jesse and a crafting material package. Purchasers of the PlayStation 4 base game will also receive additional rewards. On the day of release including a rare service weapon and player mods. The Astral Dive suit for Jesse and two designs from Control’s unique world.

Control will be released on August 27, 2019.


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