Destiny 2: Weekly-Reset on 26.3.- First Iron Banner Of Season 6 Starts


Destiny 2: Weekly-Reset on 26.3. – The first Iron Banner of Season 6 begins. In Destiny 2 will take place today, at 3.26., The Weekly reset instead. In addition to numerous fresh activities, the first Iron Banner of the Season 6 starts today.

This is the Iron Banner in Season 6:

The Iron Banner is the oldest PvP event in the history of Destiny, in which the Guardians, led by Lord Saladin, can show their light. It takes place monthly.

Today, on 26.3. for the Weekly reset, the first “Iron Banner”

Starts in Season 6. It runs for a week and ends on April 2nd for the next weekly rollback.

The play is still in control mode. However, in Season 6 there are some innovations waiting for you:

  • There are new consumables that lower or increase your power level, so that top players get a new challenge and
  • PvP muffle are lured into iron banners
  • Killing 500 Guardians while lowering their power level earns an updated masterpiece version of the Iron
  • Banner Fusion Rifle “The Smart Blame” with curated Rolls – a kind of lacy weapon of the Iron Banner.
  • In addition, the iron banner forays will be revised and there are fresh armor parts:

Twilight Strikes on 26.3. on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The first “Iron Banner”

These 3 Nightfalls are now available to you:

  • A garden world
  • The Corrupted (finally)
  • The Twisted Pillar

Bungie recommends a power level of 540 for the twilight strike. Keep in mind that your loadout will be blocked and you can use the Xur Challenge Card to activate various modifiers. Here you will find the Nightfall-specific bonuses that are exclusive to the Twilight Strikes.

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Iron Banner

So you get powerful bonuses from the twilight strikes:

  • Complete a nightfall
  •  The Nightfall with at least 100,000 points

Strikes and story missions

The Vanguard Strikes and the heroic story missions have the same modifiers:

  • Solar scorching
  • Blackout (Radar disabled, Enemy melee attacks stronger)
  • Checker (your melee is stronger and charges faster)
  • The scorch modifier stays active until April 2nd. The other two modifiers change every day.

So get your powerful loot:

  • Complete 3 heroic story missions
  •          ”        3 heroic strikes with a focus on the same Light element as a member of your squad
  • Melting pot, gambit, billing

In the Crucible, there are these PvP modes:

  • Quickplay
  • Competitively
  • Iron banner
  • Rumble
  • Private Match

The modifiers in the billing:

  • Empty-scorching
  • Prism
  • Whipper

So get your powerful loot in PvP, Gambit, and Billing:

  • Complete 5 Crucible Matches
  • Deny 3 Gambit matches
  • Fight 4 Gambit Prime matches (on Emerald Coast)
  • Denies successful billing runs (up to 100%)
  • The vagabond stands in the cultivation of the tower. He has weekly forays for Gambit Prime and this for
  • Normal Gambit: “The Power of the Traveler” (Obtain points by using Supers, defeating enemies with Supers
  • And creating Spheres of Light). This one makes a mighty bonus jump.

Escalation protocol this week.

The first “Iron Banner”

Master the escalation protocol on Mars to get this buzz:

The legendary submachine gun IKELOS_MP_v1.0.1

Flashpoint, Ada-1, Petra, Spider, Raid

The Flashpoint is on Nessus. There you will also find a heroic adventure granting Mighty Loot.

Ada-1 has weapon forms for the bow, the automatic rifle and the machine gun.

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Petra is in the spawn area (Curse Cycle Week 2). You will receive Powerful Rewards by completing the mission “The Oracle Machine” through 8 daily forays and the Ascendant Challenge.

Lord Saladin stands over the weapons master. All of his 7 forays grant Powerful Rewards:

  • Defeat enemies through the help of at least one other team member
  • Enter zones (each additional team member that is in a zone gives bonus progress)
  • Defeat enemies while you have Zone Advantage. There’s bonus progress during the hunt
  • Complete Iron Banner matches. Victories give bonus progress
  • Kill enemies with skills. Bonus advances come from using Supers and defeating higher-powered opponents
  • Kill enemies with weapons. Bonus progress is available with special weapons, heavy weapons, and defeating higher-powered opponents
  • Defeat enemies. You can get bonus progress by defeating higher-powered opponents

Ikora Rey orders you to complete 20 or more forays for a Mighty Reward. In addition, if you swear allegiance to the Vanguard, you will receive the Loyalty Bonus from her. Otherwise, there’s the premium at the vagabond.

Hawthorne has Powerful Gear when you collect 5,000 Clan XP. She has the raids “Stay Outside”, “Anyone Like Him” and “Friends?” (Complete 3 Gambit Prime matches with Clanmates) for Mighty Rewards.

Spider invites you to the blood splitter. The Raid Prestige Traces require any kinetics weapon, an energy fusion rifle, and a power fusion rifle. The modifier is Arsenal. The Raid Challenge is in the circus.

In the Eververse, there’s the exotic Ghost Shell “Hissing Silent Shell”, an ornament for ACD / 0 Feedback Obstacle and an ornament for the Prospector.

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