Does Red Dead Online Manage To Bring You Back With This New Mode?


Does Red Dead Online manage to bring you back with this new mode? The Red Dead Online Beta got an update today, March 26th. You can now find target races in the online mode of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Little by little new content is being released for Red Dead Online. This time it’s the announced finish races. They come in preparation for the spring update of RDO. We’ll show you what to do to win.

How to play goal racing: In this race, you need a nimble horse and good aiming. From the back of the horse, you should fire at checkpoints on targets. Only in this way will you continue in the race. Each time you hit a target, your horse’s stamina will regenerate.

You also regenerate stamina when riding in the slipstream of the front man.

New Mode In Red Dead Online

New Mode Which weapons are there?

Each player starts with a bow and arrow. During the race, however, you can pick up more weapons, which will then have limited ammunition. The weapons make it easier to hit targets or shoot down competitors.

Is there help to aim at the finish races? Partially already. Aim Assist is only active if you shoot at control points. When shooting at opponents you have to take measures yourself.

With Spoils of War, a new game mode for Red Dead online appeared only recently.

Earlier Access for PS4 Players: If you play Red Dead Online on PS4, you’ll get Early Access for the “open” finish races. These are matches where you can beat the goals in an open area. There’s no set order.

Recently, criticism of the online mode came up. With this new game mode, Rockstar may be able to get one or the other player back into the online world.

These bonuses are now available: Red Dead Online now has 20% more XP on all activities. These include goal racing, free-roam missions, hunting wild animals or making supplies.

You save 25% on purchases in the horse care section around Stall and in the “Wheeler, Rawson & Co.” Catalog in the field of medicine, arousal, stimulants, and the daring curry comb. High-level players also get 25% off improved saddles.

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