Fallout 76 – Survival Mode Now Available As BETA

Survival Mode

Fallout 76 – Survival mode now available as BETA. Bethesda today recalls the launch of the survival mode in ‘Fallout 76’. Which is initially available as a BETA version. With this, all Survivor expect even greater challenges.

This additional game variant offers PvP combat with fewer restrictions. Higher risks, leaderboards and much more. The adventure mode, Fallout 76 in its familiar form. Will continue as usual with one major change: The damage that players can receive from other players. They are not hostile to has been reduced to zero.

Fallout 76 – Survival Mode

Fallout 76 Survival Mode

An overview of the most important features

  • New weekly challenges and legendary rewards
  • There are now new weekly challenges that bring legendary rewards at the conclusion.
  • During and after the beta, new weekly challenges with different rewards are added each week.
  • Legendary weapons are waiting for the first six weekly challenges.


  • High-risk death mechanics
  • If a player dies, he loses all scrap and a random amount of resources from his inventory.
  • In survival mode, crown cork rewards and penalties are twice as high for player kills and deaths.
  • Those who die in the PvP fight can spend part of their bottle caps to put a bounty on the offender.


  • Limited speed trip and fewer respawn points
  • The fast travel is only possible to Vault 76, the player’s CAMP, stations and workshops owned by the player.
  • Players can only respawn in Vault 76, in their own CAMP, or at train stations.
  • Players are invulnerable for a short time after the last trip and after respawning. However, if they use them
  • Weapons before the end of this time, the invulnerability goes out immediately.
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  • Rankings
  • In the new leaderboards, current world players ranked in different categories according to their
  • Performance in the current life and their best of the week.
  • The top three Longest Survival players marked by a gold, silver or bronze medal next to their player symbol.

Further details on the survival mode also recorded by Bethesda in the current Vault Report.

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