First Time At Xur Of The Division 2 And The Offer Was Lame.

First Time

First time at Xur of The Division 2 and the offer was lame. In The Division 2, Cassie Mandoza has a dealer who is constantly changing location. Now I was with her for the first time and the offer has largely disappointed me.

This is the secret trader: Cassie Mandoza is a trader who is unlocked during the game. Your location can only be found out via the NPC called “The Spy”.

It changes location every 36 hours and has several spawn points that repeat itself, much like the dealer Xur from Destiny 2.

First Time At Xur Of The Division 2:

The search for Cassie Mandoza

So I went in search of her. Luckily I was able to locate the informer quickly, right next to a safe house.

He then told me where to find Cassie and her icon appeared on the map. Curious and curious, I wanted to know what she has for treasures on offer. Maybe an exotic weapon? Blueprints? Skins or the like?

After all, the whole thing with the informer and the changing locations is very mysterious. Since the offer must be good!

That’s where I found Cassie: The Merchant was with me in the northeastern part of Washington DC – even right where you can unlock the mission for a secret mod. Our guide will explain in detail how to find Cassie Mandoza.

first time at Xur of The Division 2 and the offer was lame

Where Cassie is, there are often side missions

Apparently, she spawns in the places where other NPCs with secret side missions are waiting for you. Because later I stumbled again on one of the secret missions, as I visited her in another place.

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Overall, it was not difficult, but still above average effort to find a dealer. More about the secret side missions can be found in our guide:

But was it worth it? Mandoza only had 4 high-end items in his luggage:

  • House Battle Knee Protector – Providence Defense
  • Attributes: + life energy
  • Talents: Strengthening – + 10% health on kill
  • 1 mod slot
  • Movable knee pads – Sokolov Concern
  • Attributes: + Crit-Chance, reduced cooldown
  • Talents: Self-Regulating – + 20% Armor Regeneration
  • Needlepoint – Covert SRS
  • First Blood: First shot of a magazine deals headshot damage on a body hit
  • Allegro: + 10% rate of fire
  • Imperishable: If the weapon is in the holster and you are in cover, it will regenerate 2 ammo every 5 seconds
  • M44 hunting version
  • Fast hands: Critical hits give a cumulative bonus of 3% on the reload speed. The maximum stack size is 20%
  • Extra: + 20% magazine capacity
  • Oiled: When the weapon is in the holster, the speed of the weapon change increases by 10%

Although needlestick is a cool precision rifle, overall the offer was not much better than what the other dealers of the settlements offer.

First Time At Xur Of The Division 2:

So my anticipation fizzled pretty fast, the offer turned out to be rather lame.

Cassie Mandozas offer is expandable

Do not get me wrong. I do not think the offer is cruel now and Cassie is definitely a good way to increase the Gear Score. Also, a trader does not have to bring the best stuff in the game right away.

Nevertheless, I had hoped that Cassie would also go a little bit more towards Xur. This has Destiny 2 namely exotic items in the luggage. Of course, I can understand why the developers decided against it. Exotic weapons like the Gadwall or Merciless should be rare and valuable.

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Therefore, the named high-end parts are a good alternative. Nevertheless, I was a little sobered, because with a pinprick there is only one of them. Even normal traders are usually better equipped at the moment. These not only have the equipment, but also interesting blueprints from time to time.

But apparently, Cassie can not even offer that. Surely, there will be a week after a dealer reset, in which she has better things. But I would still wish for an appreciation. It’s not hard to find Cassie, but as of now, you could almost save the search. Accordingly, their offer should stand out from other traders.

So you could improve Cassie’s offer:

  • One random, cosmetic item per week
  • More than just a designated high-end item
  • Material like titanium, from which you can buy a limited number every week
  • There should be a random part of each brand.

You could also look to the specialty equipment retailer of The Division 1 . Why not introduce special containers unique to Cassie?

First Time At Xur Of The Division 2:

Here you could at least put a chance on exotic items, even if it should then be low. You could also limit the number you can buy or make it extra expensive.

These are just a few ideas, but I personally would like those changes. At the moment, you have to be lucky enough to find Cassie’s offers.

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