Sekiro: Shadows The Twice – Mod Engine Allows Many Modifications

MOD Engine In Sekiro

Sekiro: Shadows The Twice – Mod Engine Allows Many Modifications

Mod Engine: NexusThe acclaimed action RPG Sekiro: Shadows The Twice on the market since last week. And now received from the modding community a useful modification. With the relatively simple existing in-game models of weapons. Armor and Co Replace with new versions.

The mods “Katalash” has with the Sekiro Mod Engine. An easy way to modify the game files of Sekiro: Shadows The Twice released. The mod engine works as an injection library. And allows the replacement of existing game files with modified versions. Without extracting the game archive or patching the .exe file. This can be used, for example, to change weapons. And also Armor, parameters, and textures in the game. In addition, the mod engine can also skip the logos when starting the game.

Sekiro: Shadows The Twice - Mod Engine Allows Many Modifications

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The mod engine works as described with Steam version 1.02 of Sekiro: Shadows The Twice. Not an older version or a cracked version. It also noted that currently, only file-based mods supported. While modifications with the need for DLL injection are not supported. Interested parties can download and try the mod engine for Sekiro from The installation works according to the description of “Katalash” as follows:

  • The files “dinput8.dll” and “modengine.ini” must copy to the game directory. (by default C: \ Program Files (x86) \ steam \ steamsteamapps \ common \ Sekiro).
  • Meanwhile, the files you want to modify need to copied to a new directory. For example, if cosmetic mods installed. A directory called “mods” created and all files (parts, msg, map, event, etc.) copied there.
  • Afterward, the file “modengine.ini”  to opened and the parameter. “modOverrideDirectory” changed to the folder where the mod located, by default “\ mods” already set.
  • For separate use of different mods, the “modOverrideDirectory” can also change accordingly each time.
  • For uninstalling sufficient to delete or rename the “dinput8.dll”.

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