Sweet Dreams In The Division 2 So Aggressive:Locations Of Exotics

Location Of Exotics

Sweet Dreams In The Division 2 Are So Aggressive: The locations Of The Exotics. Sweet Dreams is an exotics weapon in The Division 2 . We’ll show you what the Exotics can do and how your sweet dreams get.

How to get sweet dreams: For this exotics, you do not have to find exotics weapon components or visit the crafting station, instead you can hope for luck.

Sweet dream is a random drop exotics.

  • You have to be in the endgame (character level 30).
  • You have to defeat named Outcast bosses. These can drop sweet dreams. Play missions where ambushes are waiting for you. Also spending money on outcasts should give the chance for sweet dreams.
  • Play the missions on Hard or Challenging to increase the chances of Sweet Dreams.

Confirmed and reliable sites are these missions:

  • The DCD headquarters near the White House
  • Potomac Event Center in Foggy Bottom Area
  • Roosevelt Island, the base of the outcasts

The DCD Headquarters is said to be the best source, as you can complete this mission pretty quickly. So you have relatively often the chance again that sweet dreams are so before you:

Sweet Dreams In The Division 2 So Aggressive: Locations Of Exotics

locations Of Exotics

That’s why Sweet Dreams is an aggressive weapon

This is Sweet Dreams: It’s an exotics shotgun with a firing rate of 70 and a magazine size of 8. So Sweet Dreams is one of the shotguns with a very low rate of fire and high damage. The reload speed is 5.4 seconds. The weapon grants + 144% melee damage.

These are the talents:

  • Sweet Dreams: Switch to the weapon and land a melee hit on an enemy to gain 35% bonus armor and activate the Sandman debuff. Killing an enemy with the Sandman debuff applies the bonus armor again.
  • Sandman: This debuff prevents enemies from using armor kits and healing from all possible sources
  • This means you run into an opponent and hit him with melee combat, which will give you bonus armor for a short while and that opponent will get the Sandman debuff. The enemy can not heal for a few seconds now.

After a melee, the bonus armor is displayed as a blue bar, the Sandman debuff as a red icon over the enemy’s head:

This blue bonus armor bar only lasts as long as the Sandman debuff. The red symbol over the enemy “empties” after a few seconds. So you see when the effect is finished. If you kill the enemy while it has the debuff, the 35% bonus armor will simply be extended, but after a few seconds, it will end anyway.

Evasive: The Exotic has the third talent. This will cause a Dodge roll to charge 1% of the current Weapon Magazine if you have equipped the Sweet Dreams.

There are two things to consider about this talent:

  • You must have equipped Sweet Dreams only in a weapon slot, then this talent applies to all the weapons you hold in your hand.
  • The 1% is probably not right. According to user tests, it is rather 25% that you fill up with an alternative role.
    The talents you see in the video of JuhhCrispy from minute 4:15 in use

How To Play Sweet Dreams: Shotguns are always designed for short-range combat, but Sweet Dreams requires you to be particularly aggressive.

Because unless you knock out melee damage for which you go extremely close to the enemy, you have nothing of the talents.

Sweet dreams probably designed for PvP. You can run the knife between the teeth on the enemies, they box, the enemies can not heal and you have bonus armor, so you do not go down so fast.

However, sweet dreams more likely to consider a “disappointing” exotic, as they require a very special style of play and the bonus armor only lasts for a short time. And if an opponent runs backward and shoots you with a shotgun, you die before you can box him.

If you like to play with shotguns, you should try the sweet dreams in any case. But she is not everybody’s weapon.

Lullaby improve with sweet dreams

About the Lullaby: The Lullaby a shotgun that included as pre-order bonus content in the “Capitol Defender Pack”.

You can improve the lullaby by getting a Sweet Dreams shotgun with at least 250 points – as per the in-game description. That means you need sweet dreams on Gear-Score 250 or higher. Then you can upgrade the lullaby at the production station.

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