This Is Where The Players Of Battlefield 5 Firestorm Get The Most Upset

This Is Where The Players Of Battlefield 5 Firestorm Get The Most Upset

This Is Where The Players Of Battlefield 5 Firestorm Get The Most Upset. The Firestorm mode for Battlefield 5 is just around. But one feature is already driving fans crazy – the loot system. Why?

This is how Firestorm started:

Since March 25th, all owners of Battlefield 5 can plunge into the brand new. In-house Battle Royale mode Firestorm.

For many, the new mode is good in itself. But a particularly annoying mechanic spoils many fans the first impression.

Firestorm Battlefield 5

Firestorm’s Loot system spoils the gaming experience for many

What Fans getting upset about? Currently, the loot system drives many a player on the palm. In numerous contributions on Reddit and in the official forums. The players get upset about the looting mechanics. This feature would slow down the fun and flow enormously.

What specifically criticized in the loot system?

Most of the players are specifically about picking loot off killed enemies or dropping from their own teammates. Because while the collection of regular and ordered items placed in the game world works fine. Looting the opponents or picking up items of their own players often works very cumbersome – sometimes not at all.

The problem: If an opponent dies in Firestorm mode. He does not drop a loot bag or box like some other genre reps. Which you can easily browse – the items all end up in a big mess on the ground.

The loot pile gets confused.

The overlapping of the items is particularly annoying. Objects often end up on top of one another and sometimes make it extremely difficult. To deliberately pick up or even recognize their desired item. If several players die together, the problem becomes even more difficult.

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Note: Players Of Battlefield 5 Firestorm

Some items also block other items with their “hitbox” without apparent reason. Even though they are actually far enough apart. So it is often not possible to pick up the item that you are looking at.

In addition, depending on the location. The loot can also roll down a slope. For example, and then arrive at the bottom in the form of an unclear heap. Making it virtually impossible to get an overview in a timely manner.

The fans say: The criticism of the looting mechanics is great. Numerous unnerved fans refer to Firestorm’s Loot system as the worst they have ever experienced in a Battle Royale title.

Some wonder how this mechanic made it through quality control. DICE would have had a lot of time to look closely at the competition – there are always enough “templates”. Instead, you’ve screwed it right to the start with such an important point.

But many fans also exercise constructive criticism and bring in suggestions for improvement. With which one could solve this problem:

  • Many would prefer a system with loot bags or boxes. Which then sorted and loosely looted.
  • Numerous players would already be enough if the annoying overlapping of objects would be corrected. This means that much of the problem has already solved
  • Others suggest adding color highlights to the items so you can see more quickly what you’re looking at.

The bottom line is that most fans agree on Reddit and other forums:

The new mode itself is quite fun. But when picking up loot Battlefield 5 must definitely improve – and quickly. For many players counts nunmal the first impression. And this greatly reduced by this annoying problem for many a player enormously.

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