Destiny 2: Hunters Watch Out – Exotic Makes Thorn Even More Deadly.

Destiny 2 Hunters Watch Out

Destiny 2: Hunters Watch Out – This exotic makes the thorn even more deadly. Since Season 6 Destiny 2 has the notorious thorn. However, with a particular hunter exotic, the handgun in the crucible becomes significantly more effective.

It’s all about this exotic armor: the return of the thorn is celebrated by numerous keepers. With the notorious lethal injection, many a guardian now makes the crucible uncertain. As a hunter there is the possibility to maximize the performance of the thorn. For this, you need a certain helmet – the enemy finder.

Destiny 2: Hunters Watch Out - Exotic Makes Thorn Even More Deadly.

What can the enemy finder do? Destiny 2: Hunters Watch Out

The Foe Finder is an exotic hunter helmet that has been around since the release of Destiny 2. Through his exotic perk “Relentless Follower” you can mark enemies hit and see through walls. In addition, you inflict more damage to enemies with low health.

What can the thorn do? The projectiles of the spine penetrate targets and cause poison damage over time. Kills with the weapon leave “leftover”. If a remnant absorbed, the damage and the poison damage increase for a short time. In addition, the magazine partially reloaded.

This synergy makes the thorn even more deadly:

Since you can locate your opponents anyway due to the ticking poison damage of the thorn, the enemy marker is rather secondary. This is mainly about the increased damage that you get through the enemy Finder.

Once an enemy only about 30% life, all your sources of damage buffed. This also affects the poison damage of the thorn. This damage bonus allows you to eliminate any Guardian with only two headshots while the Perk “Soul Devourer” is active.

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Soul Devour activates after you have landed a kill with the thorn and collected the “leftover” of your opponent.

That’s why this combo in the Crucible especially good:

The two damage bonuses let you knock out any Guardian with two accurate hits – no matter how much resilience the opposing player has equipped.

If an enemy player has more than 5 points in the Resilience Stat, he can survive the spike’s increased poison damage. But if you bring the Foe-finder with you, this opponent’s Armor stat does not matter anymore.

Thus, you can be one hundred percent sure that the Thorn DoT effect will do the rest for you after two crits, as long as you collect your remnants diligently.

In this video you see the combination in action:

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