Fallout 76 Now Has A Real PvP Mode, But Fans Say: It Works Better

Fallout 76 Now Has A Real PvP Mode, But Fans Say: It Works Better

Fallout 76 now has a real PvP mode, but fans say: it works better. Bethesda has released the new update for the online game Fallout 76. This introduces a beta of the new survival mode. The players are already testing diligently and suggest improvements.

What’s in the patch? The new patch for Fallout 76 is. This introduces the survival mode. You now choose at the game start whether you want to play in adventure or in survival mode.

In addition, the so-called “slap” damage removed from the adventure mode. In pacifist mode, you no longer suffer damage when an opponent attacks you.

  • There bug fixes on some quests.
  • Performance and stability have been improved.
  • There adjustments to the balancing.
  • You protected longer after a respawn.
  • New weekly challenges were introduced.
  • The update is about 4 GB on consoles and 2 GB on PC.

What is Survival Mode? The survival mode should give the players a bigger challenge.

  • There is no pacifist mode.
  • If you attacked by other players, you will take the full damage.
  • You will receive an EXP bonus of 20% in Survival mode.
  • The loser leaves beside scrap also auxiliary objects as prey.
  • You get twice as many bottle caps as you can to turn players off in adventure mode.
  • You compare yourself to other players on the basis of a ranking list.
  • It is still a beta.

How does the new mode arrive?

PvP fans enjoy survival mode as there is a greater risk for everyone to explore the world. The players understand that it is currently still a beta. Therefore, there are some suggestions for improvement on Reddit.

Among the ideas that are supported by many fans is having to create a separate character for the new mode. It stood out right at the start of the game, so that players take on their uptick characters from Adventure Mode, making them almost invincible right from the start.

There’s no point in creating a new character for Survival at the moment because everyone can take over the mighty Hero from Adventure Mode.

Fallout 76 now has a real PvP mode,

Kozakuraa says on Reddit, “If Bethesda really listened to what players wanted, they would not have put in the ability to put the PvE character into PvP mode. If you start as a new hero and get killed directly from a level 200, then that anything but funny! ”

The players are a bit disappointed because this problem addressed some time ago and discussed again and again. One feels ignored by Bethesda.

There are even more ideas

What other suggestions are there? There are other interesting ideas that could improve the survival mode.

  • Players should under no circumstances showed on the map. This has made it extremely difficult to complete quests.
  • Respawn zones should be small, safe areas.
  • Fans want nuclear attacks to be unrecognizable but strike the bombs surprisingly.
  • In the ranking, the top 3 players should not be listed for their survival time.

Fallout 76 now has a real PvP mode,

What Bethesda implements is currently unclear. How do you like the survival mode of Fallout 76?

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