Look Out DayZ May Be Playable On PS4 Soon Today

Look Out DayZ May Be Playable On PS4 Soon Today

Look Out DayZ may be playable on PS4 today. Every now and then one hears something of the development of, DayZ ‘. Which in recent weeks as a preview version on Xbox One and the PC has hit. The release on PS4 could now do surprisingly tonight.

Although there is still no official press release or similar. On the official website and the Twitter channel of developer Bohemia Interactive is. However, the preview version today goes offline on Xbox One and version 1.0. So the official launch version. From about 19 clocks and after completion of the maintenance can be downloaded.

If you look back to the last official announcement about the PS4 version about a year ago, it said that the Xbox One and PS4 version released simultaneously. Whether something changed in the meantime, is unclear. However, other pages in the net already explicitly report on the PS4 version, which will be playable from today. The price for DayZ is therefore around 50 EUR.

Whether you actually enjoy DayZ today revealed later. On the occasion of the current PAX event that would be a nice surprise.

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