Ping System In Apex Legends So Good, Other Shooters Want To Copy It

Apex Legends Ping System

Apex Legends ping system is so good, other shooters want to copy it. The ping feature from Apex Legends is repeatedly praised by both players and other communities. Now fans of Rainbow Six: Victories have become aware of it and want the feature as well. Ubisoft thinks that’s good.

What’s so good about the feature?

In Apex Legends, the possible player pings are all contextual. They refer to a current event or to a specific object that players have to ping. One can:

  • Show specific loot
  • Report that an area has already been looted by other players
  • Show where you want to go next
  • Mark opponents
  • Ask for specific ammunition
  • And more.

Apex Legends Ping System So Good,

Apex Legends Ping System So Good, Other Shooters Want To Copy It

All this makes it possible for players to communicate so well and, above all, fast, even without a microphone or voice chat, that they can get through the rounds and win. Especially in the game with “Randoms” who do not necessarily want to talk, that’s a huge advantage.

That’s what Rainbow Six players are asking for: Rainbow Six’s community is calling for such a system. In several Reddit threads, more and more improved pings are required, such as for recommending an operator or for better context.

Rainbow Six: Siege already has a system with different pings. However, this only allows the display of specific objects such as walls or windows without specifying details. More specific information then requires voice chat.

However, players want to be able to ping specifically in the context: “Barricade this wall” or “Blast this wall.”

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What does Ubisoft say about that?

In an interview, Game Director Leroy Athanassoff talked about this idea. (via PCGamer ) On the topic ping system he said:

We have a ping system in our game, but I would like to ping a reinforced wall and ask for a blast. For example, I would like to ping a wall and then have a context wheel to choose what to do with it.

Athanass off even added that such a system would probably come “someday”. But at the moment it has no priority.

The Apex competitor Fortnite has already copied the system already. Other shooters like Overwatch, however, explain why this is not so easy to implement.

There is also criticism: However, some players speak out against a developed ping system. They claim that even fewer people would use the voice chat. In any case, you see as a problem that the players in Rainbow Six: Victory communicate too little. If they could just pimp everything, it would only get less.

What do you think of this idea? By the way, the ping system is one of the reasons many players celebrate Apex Legends like this:

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