The Division 2: So You Make The Destruction Expert Bombastic.

The Division 2: So You Make The Destruction Expert Bombastic.

The Division 2: So you make the destruction expert bombastic. One of The Division 2’s 3 specializations is the Destruction Expert. This guide is all about the best perks and how to use the grenade launcher to crush entire groups of opponents.

These are the specializations of the endgame: From max level 30 you can unlock a total of 3 specializations in your base of operations and switch freely between them. Each specialization has its own weapon and its own skill tree that can be used to craft various benefits. Here are the key features, the best perks, and things to look out for in the Destruction Expert specialization.

The Division 2: So You Make The Destruction Expert Bombastic.

The Destruction Expert is all about explosions

This distinguishes the destruction expert: As the name implies, this specialization is all about destruction.

The Destruction Expert is designed for exploding damage and is arguably the best specialization to control and eliminate enemy groups.

These are the peculiarities of the destruction expert:

  • The individual weapon: users of this specialization can access the M32A1 multi-grenade launcher. This can be fired grenades and cause massive explosion damage.
  • Individual Skill Mod: You can unlock the artillery gun with the Destruction Expert. This allows targeted fire explosive projectiles.
  • Grenade Type: Fragmentation grenades cause bleeding damage.
    Individual outfit: Add a complete specialization outfit that will make you look like a tank.

However, the grenade type and the gun must first unlocked by specialization points in the corresponding skill tree.

The Best Perks of the Destruction Expert

These perks especially recommended: you can complete the complete skill tree with sufficient specialization points. But that takes a while.

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These are the perks that are best and should be skilled first:

  • Individual weapon damage (4 ranks): Increases the damage of your individual weapon by up to 145%
  • Blasting Blade (3 ranks): Increases the explosion damage of blast grenades, abilities, and effects by up to 15%
  • Shooting and Praying (3 ranks): Increases the damage of submachine guns by up to 15%
  • Charge (3 ranks): Increases the damage of LMGs by up to 15%
  • X-Stat Repair Kit Supplement: Repair kits restore only 70% of your armor. This activates a buff that increases your weapon handling by 100% for 15 seconds. Once the buff has expired, the remaining 30% armor will be restored.
  • Tactic Link (Worthwhile only in the team): Group members receive 5% damage to targets that are not in cover.
  • On Impact: You are immune to an explosion every 60 seconds
  • Resolve Crisis: If your armor destroyed, the ammo of your main weapon replenished. This also applies to your magazine, so you can just keep firing.

Should you ever dissatisfied with the choice of your skills, you can always reset your distributed points and try out other perks. To complete a skill tree, you need 160 points.

How do I get skill points for my specialization?

Any type of task in which the Black Tusk faction is your opponent will reward you with the specialization points when you complete it. You always get points for specialization that you have active at the time.

Hope You Enjoyed If I have done any mistake let me know about in the comment section. if something I missed let me know. Yours every suggestion helps me to improve and get better.

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