Beetle Event In Pokémon GO Brings A Whole New Bonus


Beetle event in Pokémon GO brings a whole new bonus. In Pokémon GO a new event has been announced around to bug Pokémon! This time, there are bonuses for the item smoke, which has never been seen before.

This is the event: this time it’s all about beetles. So there will be more Beetle Pokémon everywhere in the wild. In addition, smoke items last longer and attract more Pokémon.

Beetle Event In Pokémon GO Brings A Whole New Bonus

When does the event go?

The event starts on April 2nd at 9pm and ends on the 9th of April at 9pm German time. These are the bonuses of the Beetle event 2019

It does exist:

  • Smoke lasts twice as long
  • Smoke attracts more wild Pokémon
  • Beetle Pokémon are more likely to spawn
  • Special field research around beetle Pokémon

Are there shinies?

New Shinys were not announced. But you will certainly have the chance of Tannza , Raupy and Pinsir . These Pokémon are already in their iridescent form.

Niantic shows in her picture to announce a Sichlor. Whether this Pokémon released as Shiny remains to be seen. After all, there was a similar picture with Myrapla to the plant event and there was this Pokémon not as Shiny.

What else is there for beetles?

Particularly strong beetle Pokémon does not exist. Somewhat rarer are, for example, Yanma or Wadribie. This should probably be more frequent in the event.

You know that about the field research: So far you have not found any quests about the event in the code, but this should follow soon. So many players hope for a renewed Tannza quest, as there is the Pokémon as Shiny.

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But we do not have to wait for the rewards until April 2nd. We will then inform you as soon as more known.

There will also be an event around Loturzel at the weekend.

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