Borderlands 3: In New Trailer A Skin Code Hidden – How To Redeem Him

Borderlands 3: In The New Trailer A Skin Code Hidden - How To Redeem Him

In the new trailer for Borderlands 3 is a skin code is hidden – How to redeem him. Recently a new trailer for Borderlands, probably Borderlands 3, released. Fans took a close look at the video and discovered some exciting details.

What do you find in the trailer?

It is already certain in the community of the new Borderlands trailer that this is Borderlands 3. Even if that has not been officially confirmed. Players now found secrets and easter eggs.

Special Bl2 key in the Borderlands 3 trailer
What is this code? One of the secrets in the trailer is a code that can be redeemed in Borderlands 2. To enter the key players will receive a skin and five golden keys to open chests.

Where the code hidden? The code divided into 5 parts.

Borderlands 3: In The New Trailer A Skin Code Hidden - How To Redeem Him

  • The first one seen at 7 seconds in the trailer behind the Psycho.
  • Other 4 parts can see
  • 12 seconds
  • At 29 seconds
  • At 47 seconds
  • And at 51 seconds in the video

So the key is: C35TB – WS6ST – TXBRK – TTTJT – JJH6H

You unlock 2 Salvador’s Community Day Skin and five golden keys in Borderlands.

How do you break the code? There are 2 options:

  • Start Borderlands 2, select “Extras” and then “Shift Code” to enter the key
  • You can also enter the code on the Gearbox Shift website

Exciting details in the trailer

A Skin Code

Is this the proof of Borderlands 3? The creator Arekkz took the video even further apart. At 15 seconds you can see a dot flickering in the upper left corner. This is a Morse code that translates to “Count the Sirens”. Three men with strong abilities called “Sirens” in Borderlands. Overall, Arekkz finds 3 of these sirens in the trailer. The reference to Borderlands 3?

What does Braille say? At about 40 seconds Braille appears in the video. It translated to “Like, Follow and obey”.

What that means in terms of the game is still unclear. New characters: As expected PCGamesN, you can see in about 23 seconds in the trailer, the new Vault Hunters.