Sony Confirms That Digital Games Soon Out Of Market, Only In PS Store

Sony Confirms That Digital Games Soon Out Of Market, Only In PS Store

Sony confirms that digital games soon out of market, only in the PS Store. Sony will no longer sell digital players through third-party stores. This confirmed by the company in an official statement.

Who is affected? All full versions of games, which bought in digital form, ie with a code, Soon disappear from third-party shops. Things like a season pass, in-game currency or DLCs still offered in these shops.

We show you the complete statement from Sony and explain what will change for you.

Sony Confirms That Digital Games Soon Out Of Market, Only In PS Store

This is how Sony explains this step

Sony says: The platform made a short statement and explains how it will happen in the future:

We can confirm that Sony Interactive Entertainment will no longer offer full games via retail as of April 1, 2019. This decision made to continue the global alignment of the key businesses. To support full games and premium editions, increased denominations introduced at select retailers. DLC, add-ons, virtual currency and season passes still available.

Source: Eurogamer

What will change for you? So if you want to buy a game virtually, you need to do it directly from the PlayStation Store. If you have bought games on Sony platforms so far via third-party, this is not possible soon.

There will still be virtual sales in third-party shops by April 1st. Then you have to change to the PS store.

Why is this done? In their statement,

Sony only wrote that they want to align their key businesses globally. What that means exactly, you can only guess. The player will not change much, except that you have to change the shop.

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There are also many free games in the PS Store. We show you the best of them.

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