The Division 2: World Rank 5 Finally Has start date – 3 Gear Sets Coming

The Division 2: World Rank 5 Finally Has start date - 3 Gear Sets Coming

The Division 2: World Rank 5 finally has a start date – 3 gear sets are coming. The Division 2 is finally known when world rank 5 starts. In addition, there’s more info, what to expect on this world rank.

Last night, the State of the Game ran on March 27th. In this live stream, the developers revealed what many agents want to know for days: The start date for world rank 5.

The start date for World Rank 5: Let’s start on April 5th. That’s Friday next week. Massive will carry out longer maintenance work that day. Once the servers are back online, you can explore the “true” endgame of The Division 2.

That expects you on world rank 5

The contents of world rank 5:

  • You can attack Tadil Basin, the base of the Black Tusk. According to Massive, this is a military base where you will encounter unique defenses. This base is said to be huge and offer what you would expect from a base of such a nasty and strong hi-tech group
  • If you are world rank 4, this base will be displayed as a mission on April 5th. If you succeed in the mission, you will come to world rank 5.
  • The new Gear score cap is then 500.

Gear sets unlocked. These are armor sets with which you activate unique talents. Massive announced today that there will be 3 different Gear Sets at the beginning. They should have “crazy” talents. The descriptive texts for this are already quite long. Let’s see how you combine them into builds. They called True Patriot, Ongoing Directive and Hardwired.

You get to Gear Sets by eliminating Black Tusk enemies. A good source should be the Invaded Missions.
At world rank 5, there will be weekly invasions. That, once a week, the missions (bases also) that are “invaded” rotate through. Even missions that not currently invaded can then taken over by the Black Tusk. In the missions, you can then choose whether you want to play it as a normal mission or invaded.

At World Rank 5, you can activate the “heroic” difficulty level in the Invaded missions. This should a challenge for the best agents. There no loot hidden behind this level of difficulty, but if you do, you should generously rewarded with Gear Set parts, among other things. But exclusive Heroic bonuses not exist.

This changes on the 5th of April:

On this day numerous bug fixes, balancing adjustments, and minor changes made. Also, the strange, bent stairs soon fixed

Why is world rank 5 so important? At World Rank 4, many agents lack the motivation to optimize their builds. Because with world rank 5 the equipment becomes “worthless”, then the hunt for the best items starts again. Therefore, many players are currently waiting impatiently for World Rank 5, the “real endgame” in which the Grind pays off in the longer term.

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