Anthem May Get A Feature That PC Players Painfully Miss

Anthem May Get A Feature That PC Players Painfully Miss

Anthem may get a feature that PC players painfully miss. Will Anthem soon receive a text chat? Dataminer has been researching the current game data and has come across new hints for such a feature.

Which feature do the players want?

Since the release of Anthem, especially the PC players are surprised that the title has no text chat. In some Anthem Subreddit articles, users have already argued that it is actually incomprehensible that a PC game today only uses voice chat.

Players consider feature indispensable: Especially a contribution of a dumb player has touched the freelancer. About a month ago, the player Nyhmzy reported that he was dumb and therefore could not use the voice chat. He would play mostly on the PC, as most games on this platform would have text chat.

Anthem does not have that. The same problem had Nyhmzy with Fallout 76, which also had no text chat on the PC. Players got angry because the user did not answer them with his voice. The post received unbelievable popularity and was able to collect more than 49,000 upvotes.

What was found?

The Anthem Archive Dataminer recently researched Anthem’s current performance data. There they not only came across new items but also a small hint for a possible text chat.

All current mastery and legendary items can found here.

Some data strings labeled “Text Chat” and may indicate this feature. Nevertheless, this info should treat with caution: Just because these strings of text in the game data, that does not mean that the feature released soon.

Why there no text chat?

BioWare has stated in several posts and via Twitter that they have to adhere to various input options when implementing the text chat. But that would also increase the costs.

However, the developers would keep an eye on the demand and have other ideas on how to facilitate communication, such as “Follow me” or “Collect” commands. Incidentally, there is hardly any communication in the social hub of Anthem.

On Reddit, it believed that the developers with different input options. The “Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA)” mean. Which last came into force on December 31, 2018, completely.

This law requires that all communication features and the user interface that navigates them be accessible to people with a variety of conditions. BioWare has recently explained why it always rains in Anthem so much.

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