Check Out The Division 2: How to Farm High End Gear Fast

Check Out The Division 2: How to Farm High End Gear Fast

Check Out The Division 2: How to Farm High-End Gear Fast. At The Division 2 we’ll show you tips and farming methods on how to get high-end gear quickly. So you farm the best weapons and armor parts.

This is high-end gear: high-end stands for the highest quality level of weapons and armor parts. There are:

  • gray, lame stuff
  • green items (standard)
  • blue items (Specialized)
  •  violet items (think)
  •  yellow items (high-end)

From these levels of quality, the high-end gear offers the highest stats and the greatest talent variety. Therefore, every agent in the endgame wants to receive as many “yellow bonuses” as possible for his services. There are also the coveted Exotics and the Gear sets , however, with the standard items high end is the maximum.

Highends farm in The Division 2

On Reddit and Youtube, you will find several tips on how to farm the high-end items. We introduce 2 methods.

This method comes from Mtashed. He recommends it to anyone who has little time to play and still wants great builds. It is a farm method for the endgame.

This is how the method works: The focus is on daily missions. These are outlined with white markings, which are subtly referred to here with red arrows:

Choose such a mission and set the difficulty to Challenging. On the picture above, you can see that Bank Headquarters on Challenging (World Rank 4) guarantees 6 high-end rewards. The random drops that can be high-end are not included.

If you go solo on Challenging these missions, a round can take a long time. But even if you need 40 minutes for it, you will get quite a lot of loot for that time. According to Mtashed, he can do the missions in some 5 or 10 minutes, but he already has a strong endgame build. Here’s a top build for solo players.

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If you do not make the missions Challenging, you can play them on Hard. But then there are significantly fewer rewards.

From a daily mission, you also get many experience points that will get you to task tanks and target data. You can use the target data to complete bounties. This one, for example, grants three high-end items as a reward on Hard difficulty:

If you have enough headings to complete, you can play a bounty on Heroic. If you succeed, you will be showered with bonuses and all sorts of high-end items:


  • Play the daily missions (for high-end and target data)
  • Through the Bounty System (what you need the target data for)
  • Dark Zone as a good high-end source
  • The second method is: Play Dark Zone. If you clean up the landmarks quickly, you should get around 20 high-
  • Ends per hour. The danger, however, is that other players steal your loot.

According to widdz, the dark zone is the best place to quickly get high-end items.

  • It’s best to go to the Dark Zone in a 4-man squad.
  • Go to the southern Dark Zone, as it is the smallest and landmarks are close together. Kill PvE enemies for quick
  • loot, plunder boxes, or defeat other agents.
  • In the occupied Dark Zone , the most efficient way to farm high-end loot is.
  • If you are at maximum DZ rank and quickly kill other players, you will gain many experience points to earn loot
  • boxes. If you are on a server where many stubborn agents are always running out against you, this is the fastest way to get to Loot.
  • But if you’re not a PvP lover like widdz, you’d better clear the landmarks than ambush other agents.
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How do you play to get high-end items efficiently? Check Out The Division 2 More Updates here

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