Stupid Reason, Everyone Fails On The Hunter Puzzle In The Division 2

For This Stupid Reason, Everyone Fails On The Hunter Puzzle In The Division 2

For this stupid reason, everyone fails on the Hunter puzzle in The Division 2. For The Division 2, there’s an annoying reason why all agents fail on the last Hunter puzzle about the ivory keys.

To solve this puzzle: If you look around the base of the operation, you will find a box in a room to the right of the main entrance area. This needs 8 ivory keys to be opened.

For This Stupid Reason, Everyone Fails On The Hunter Puzzle In The Division 2

You get those mysterious ivory keys by eliminating certain Hunter. These are especially nasty and tricky enemies. Only those hunters each leap a key related to coded lyrics scattered all over the world. There are also 8 of them. The texts are written as puzzles.

It was not until the beginning of this week that we reported that the 7th puzzle broken and the 7th ivory key found. At the 8th Riddle, the agents failed mercilessly. The 8th ivory key still missing.

Many players felt suspicious that the cleverest heads in the community did not manage to solve this puzzle after Riddles 1-7 mastered relatively quickly. They suspected that there might a game error.

And they were right.

Hunter Riddle 8 banned

Yesterday, a Reddit user asked developers to revisit the final puzzle of the Washington Monument. It could bug.

That says Massive: Now community developer Chris Gansler spoke up. He writes:

Hey. Sorry for the late reply, we wanted to make sure we did not communicate anything wrong. The final puzzle currently bugged and can not complete.

Chris Gansler, community developer at Massive

He adds that they have already planned a fix for it. This will appear on Friday next week along with the “Tidal Basin” update, the world rank 5 enabled.

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Say, all efforts to solve the last puzzle doomed to failure. Only at the end of next week can the agency again try it – as long as the bug resolved successfully.

Particularly annoying: The same community developer previously wrote that they are confident that there are no bugs with these puzzles. The community was therefore eager to solve all the puzzles.

What exactly does the puzzle look like?

The eighth puzzle: At the Washington Monument written in a cipher this text:


The Washington Monument is the huge marble tower in the shape of an obelisk. You can go there yourself and see the puzzle in the game. You can not solve it yet.