1 Million DPS Build for The Division 2 – How to Get Out of Enormous Damage.

1 Million DPS Build for The Division 2 - How to Get Out of Enormous Damage.

1 Million DPS Build for The Division 2 – How to Get Out of Enormous Damage. Do a lot of damage in The Division 2 with this DPS build. He is built around the best rifle in the game. More than 1 million DPS are achieved quickly.

What is this build?

It’s a DPS build (SPS build) that will do you tons of damage per second. Over one million DPS should be pretty easy.

It’s best to play this build in the group, as you will not endure much damage yourself. But it is also suitable for solo players – because the faster you kill the enemies, the less damage they can do to you.

This DPS build, centered around the MK17 rifle, features the Youtuber Mtashed. You see him here in the video, we introduce the build below:

This is how you create the damage build

These armor parts are needed:

  • Mask of Wyvern Wear with bonuses on skill level and damage against elite. Talent “Hard Hitting”, which deals + 15% damage to Elite
  • Wyvern Wear backpack with critical strike chance bonuses, weapon damage, and critical strike damage bonuses. Talent “Hard Hitting”, which deals + 15% damage to Elite
  • Vestments of Overlord Armaments with bonuses for headshot damage, critical strike chance and weapon damage or crit damage. Talent “Hard Hitting”, which deals + 15% damage to Elite
  • Gloves of Airaldi Holdings with bonus on rifle damage. Devastating talent that deals + 5% weapon damage; or Surgical, which grants + 8% critical strike chance
  • Airaldi Holdings holster with critical hit damage bonus. The Precise talent deals + 15% Head Shot damage
  • Kneepads by Wyvern Wear with critical strike bonus. The talent is “braced”, which increases weapon handling by 25% while being in cover. This talent should be top, as it improves precision, stability and reload speed significantly.
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These are the brand advantages:

  • 3 parts Wyvern Wear + 7% critical hit damage, + 15% drone skill power and + 10% critical strike chance
  • 2 parts of Airaldi Holdings + 10% accuracy and + 10% overhead damage
  • 1 part overlord armaments gives + 10% rifle damage
  • Since Wyvern Wear’s bonus on drone skill power is pretty much useless, you can also take three pieces from
  • Douglas & Harding. So you get next to the crit bonuses also + 5% precision.

In addition to strong, normal weapon damage, this build also relies on the critical hits. Keep in mind that these are not the headshot hits, but random “crits” with bonus damage. It’s well worth the chance and the crit damage.

This weapon needs your:

  • MK17 Police Version (Rifle, High End ) – This rifle is by far the best rifle in the game . It is important that you have a high damage roll on the weapon, then the talents are secondary.
  • Mtashed has pretty lousy talents on the gun. The only viable talent is Boomerang, where critical hits have a 50% chance that the ball moves back into the magazine. When that happens, the next shot deals + 20% damage. In addition, talents that improve stability or precision would be useful.

Important are these weapon mods:

  • C79 visor (3.9x) with + 15% damage to elite (-20% reload speed)
  • Muzzle with + 20% Critical Hit Damage (-10% Stability)
  • Laser pointer with + 10% critical chance (-10% stability)
  • Magazine with + 20% stability and -20% Optimum range to compensate for the loss of stability

Other weapons: In addition to the MK17 you can equip these weapons:

  • The Exotic Handgun “Freedom” – If you’ve been listening to these, you’ll benefit from playing with the MK17. If
  • you destroy enemies’ weak points, 20% of your magazine will be filled up.
  • Model 700 – strong sniper rifle (high-end)
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These skills are needed:

  • Resurrect Drone Stick: Sends out small drones that resuscitate nearby incapacitated aliens. When you play solo and die, this skill gets you back on its feet
  • Amplifier Chem Launcher: Unlocks a gas cloud that repairs and strengthens your armor
    This specialization is used: take the precision shooter. The important bonuses are that you receive + 25% overhead damage, + 30% reload speed, + 15% rifle damage, and + 30% Stability

1 Million DPS Build for The Division 2:

In the video above you can see a demo of the damage output starting at minute 10:10. Although the build of Mtashed is far from perfect, it is well over 1 million DPS Build.

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