Apex Legends Says “Do Not Pay Attention To leaks”, Then Leaks 2 Weapons Yourself

Apex Legends Says

Apex Legends says “Do not pay attention to leaks”, then leaks 2 weapons yourself. Respawn, the developers of Apex Legends, have recently released an update to develop the game. In it, there are two weapons to discover in pictures that are not yet to be found in the game.

So the weapons were leaked: There are two different weapons, which can be seen in one picture. The images were in a Reddit post published, in which the developers were clarifying about what problems they tackle next.

The pictures show both Mirage and Lifeline. Both carry weapons on their backs whose shapes do not match the existing weapons.

However, the pictures are quite small and not high resolution, so that only a few of the weapons are visible.

Which weapons are they?

Due to the poor resolution, it is only possible to guess which weapons were shown there. At least with a weapon, however, the US side Dexerto already has a hunch.

What Mirage wears on his back might be the submachine gun CAR from Titanfall 2. Since Apex Legends is a Battle Royale in the universe of Titanfall and the weapons are almost completely similar to those of Titanfall, that sounds plausible.

However, we rather believe that Lifeline carries the CAR on its back. What Mirage carries around with him is more reminiscent of the LMG L-Star, which also exists in Titanfall. The L-Star has been a candidate for the next weapon for some time.

How safe are the leaks?

Respawn himself said fans should not rely too much on leaks. They referred especially to images and texts that were found by Dataminern. This time, the pictures come from Respawn itself.

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In addition to L-Star, a user posted a screenshot on Reddit, which shows the legend Wraith with the LMG in his hand. That would coincide with the assumptions.

In addition, publisher Sony has already confirmed that in Season 1 of Apex Legends more weapons will be released along with another legend. This also indicates that there is more to the pictures.

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