“Dominion Takeover” The New Event In Anthem See How It Works


“Dominion Takeover” The New Event In Anthem See How It Works. In Anthem, there is a new event in Freeplay recently. You’ll need to kill certain Dominion elite opponents. How you find it and what you have to do, we show you here.

What is this event?

This event is a time-limited free play event that involves a challenge. You will find it in the Cortex under Challenges / Fighting.

You must defeat so-called “Domion Marshalls” that appear in certain Dominion groups. The presence of the Dominion faction also seems to have increased in free play.

What is the problem?

Some players report that they have not noticed that there is an event going on in Anthem right now. Already at the last event “Beasts on the field” this was a nuisance.

In addition, the players since patch 1.04 no longer get news in the game, not even when an event starts. As the developer Brenon Holmes announced in the Anthem Subreddit, they had encountered a problem with the newsfeed, so that the news at the start of the game and at the table in Fort Tarsis were turned off.

How to find the event: There is no exact location for this event. All you have to do is look for Dominion factions in Freeplay. Since these are currently increasing, it does not necessarily have to be a World Event.

Some players also report that the event banned and can not start or stopped. The community also seems to disagree over the duration of the event: While some of them are still playing, it is no longer displayed for other freelancers.

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What are Dominion-Marshalls?

These are various elite enemies of the Dominion. Most recently, these types of enemies referred to as “apex creatures.” The stronger versions of existing enemy types and a higher drop rate for rare items. By defeating the Dominion Marshall, you complete the challenge and get the rewards.

Here’s how the Dominion Marshall appears: If you’ve found a cluster of Dominion soldiers, you’ll need to do some of them to make the Dominion Marshall appear. You can then check your map to see where the Marshall is located. If a Dominion Marshall is nearby, it will be marked with a yellow crosshair symbol.

The Marshall may be an Elementalist, a Valkire, a Storm Breaker, or even a Special Agent. These seem to have slightly improved abilities and may be better at evading your attacks. ,

What is there as a reward? The challenge rewards you with various crafting materials.

  • 45 Chimeric alloys
  • 45 Chimaeric components
  • 15 Masterful Embers

Hope you like the information is given above below. If I have missed anything let me know in the comment section down below.

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