Is Anthem Now A Better Game Through The Last Update?

Is Anthem Now A Better Game Through The Last Update?

Is Anthem Now A Better Game Through The Last Update? In Anthem the new patch went live on March 26th. This brought numerous changes into play. So has Anthem become a better game? We have the answer for you.

That’s it: The recently released patch 1.04, brought some changes and various comfort improvements into play. The community has been looking forward to this update for a long time, hoping that it will finally rain again in Anthem.

The patch brought only 2 new looting problems. However, these turned out to be bugs and were fixed with a hotfix.

  • Here you can find the highlights from patch 1.04.
  • That’s what the players like about the new patch
  • Here are some of the topics that players have found so far in the update.

Javelins feel stronger

Why do you feel stronger? The patch provided various improvements for all Javelins. Many abilities and components received strong buffs or were fundamentally adapted to increase their impact.

  • Interceptors are as strong as never: Especially the Interceptor should be particularly good after the update.
  • This Javelin has received some changes that have significantly increased its effectiveness.
  • You no longer need to spam your melee button repeatedly to attack with the melee. Instead, you can hold down the key to continue the attack.
  • The combo aura (Passive Ability) has been improved. You can now also detonate combos while it is active. In addition, combo attacks extend the duration of your active aura.

The rest of the Javelins were also able to benefit greatly from the buffs and now do better damage in the game.

Legendary missions: a successful change

What are the Legendary Missions? Legendary missions are more difficult versions of story missions. Through these, you can relive parts of the campaign in a different way and get loot for it.

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There is a daily mission that you will find in the mission selection on your expedition screen.

According to the players, these missions are an action-rich variety. Due to the changed opponent composition and the drastically increased number, they are quite demanding and dynamic. Basically, they offer a cool new daily challenge.

Occasionally you meet old friends in the Legendary Mission.

The loot should also be right: Thanks to numerous strong opponents and the so-called “Apex opponent” in the end, there are good chances that you can pick up good prey in these missions. At the end of the mission, you’ll be rewarded with a box.

The smithy has gotten better

What has changed? There are some comfort improvements for the blacksmiths. These were very well received by the players.

From now on you can enter the smithy directly from your menu. You have to tab to the right in the options menu.

The loading time for the blacksmith has been canceled. So you can enter the forge immediately without waiting for a loading screen.

Furthermore, your Javelin welcomes you now with the equipped victory pose when you open the forge for the first time.

This feature is celebrated by fans alike, as it is criticized: On the one hand, gives the forge and your Javelin a nice personal touch. However, others criticize it as a marketing strategy of EA, which wants to put the purchasable winning poses in the foreground.

Another comfort improvement can be found in the upper right corner of your equipment list. There are now your equipped components, below your weapons. Thus, you can see all your equipped items at a glance and know directly which build it is.

More build diversity through universal components

The new update brought some new Masterpiece Universal components into play. These are components that can be equipped for every Javelin. These can drop for you in the Grandmaster levels 1, 2 and 3 .

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That’s what the new universal components can do:

  • Bloodthirst: An inscription component that increases the damage of melee weapons. Also increases melee damage after a successful melee kill by 75% for 10 seconds.
  • Acid Balls: Increases ammo reserves and shotgun damage. If an enemy is hit with 7 bullets from a Shotgun Shot, it will be dealt an acid status effect.
  • Giantwalker: Increases the ammo reserves and the damage of precision rifles. Increases weak spot damage by 50% after 5 successive precision rifle shots.
  • Concentrated Frost: Increases ammo reserves and light machine gun damage. After 10 successive machine-gun shots, the target is frozen.
  • Feedback Loop: Increases ammo reserves and assault rifle damage. Increases Damage Resistance by 50% for 10 seconds after firing the last shot of an assault rifle magazine.

What are the new components?

With these new enhancements, you can upgrade your existing build or rebuild it from scratch.

Especially the two components “Acid Slugs” and “Focused Freeze” are particularly interesting. These can be used to prime enemies with your weapons and do not rely on your Javelin’s primer skills.

A ranger build that uses just this feature to its advantage can be found here:

The “Bloodlust” component is likely to be of particular interest to Interceptor pilots. Since your Interceptor will be your melee attack in the main, this component should enrich any melee build.

A list of all masterful and legendary items in Anthem, we have here for you.

What do the players say about the update?

User reacted initially emotionally: Anthem was struggling at the beginning of the patch with two major bugs that negatively affected the loot experience for many players. Because of that, the mood was shortly after the release of many in the basement.

The patch was referred to Reddit by many users as disaster and regression. Especially the bug, that players could pick up the loot of others, was unacceptable for many users.

This is what our readers say about the problems:

“Getting other players to pick up the loot is a little annoying, but nothing to get excited about. Sure, you do not always want to take everything with you, but you do not have any damage from it. At the bosses, I can not find anything yet. Received two Legendary Items (components) from the monitor yesterday. Today I continue watching. Bugs are never beautiful, but can not be avoided. The criticism is justified in many places but is not factually expressed. The gamer of today always wants everything directly and immediately. “


“Of course I would also like to play a game without mistakes and perfectly tailored to myself. The patches should be better tested and drop faster. But will not come like that. Bioware will take even longer until everything is fluffy. I do not care, I’ll keep playing anyway. “

Is Anthem now a better game after the update? Basically yes.

Apart from the initial loot problems, the developers have fundamentally improved the player experience. Many annoying bugs have been fixed and the various Javelins feel stronger than ever.

The general comfort enhancements and the new Legendary missions also had a positive impact on the game. On the whole, Anthem has been upgraded with this patch.

Anthem Monument Watch Ranger

  • Despite the disagreements, Anthem is still a nice game, with a coherent basic concept.
  • On the other hand, there are still various bugs in the game, which have become unbearable for many users now. The loot in Anthem remains controversial and seems to vary from player to player.

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