Loot In Anthem Is So Bad That EA And Nasty KI Are To Blame For It

Loot in Anthem is so bad that EA and nasty KI are to blame for it

Loot in Anthem is so bad that EA and nasty KI are to blame for it. The loot in the online RPG Anthem is pretty bad. The fans are looking for explanations: A theory was so daring now that their deletion on Reddit caused a stir. EA is said to have implemented a manipulative AI that regulates the loot as a motivational factor.

This is Anthem’s loot problem: Many players think Anthem is too stingy with its loot:

  • In the endgame, only “legendary items” are actually reinforcements – they are the main motivation to keep playing
  • The legendary items are extremely rare
  • It takes tens of hours to get a fitting legendary item with the right values on it
  • The players are wondering why BioWare does not just open the vault. Turn on a few knobs, and shower us with loot the way we want it?

Conspiracy theory based on nasty AI rumors from 2018

This is the conspiracy theory: On Reddit, a user has opened a post, “The real reason for the problems with loot, balance and the shop in Anthem.” (Via removereddit ).

The user refers to reports from January 2018. At that time there were pictures from an anonymous source.

These images showed the individual slides of a presentation for a technique of how Artificial Intelligence should ensure that players stay in online games and generate more revenue there.

Through manipulation of the game as a whole (social engineering) and the manipulation of the individual experience of the player (psychological manipulation), more revenue is generated.

The pictures are available on techpowerup. In the article and the presentation no names are called (also not EA), but it can be seen screenshots of Anthem.

These other theories of evil AI are still circulating: Supposedly, EA is also behind similar research, which should manipulate the matchmaking.

EA employees worked on such systems in 2017. This was what a YouTube creator did in January 2018.

The AI should encourage players to buy items in a store by:

  • The matchmaking changed so that players stay on the line – get the weaker opponents if they lose too many games in a row so that a victory motivates them again
  • Players can compete against people who have strong items, so they get the desire to buy these items as well
  • Already in 2017, there were rumors that Activision is working on a similar system – but they denied ever implementing it.

“Ah, that’s why there were legendaries the other day!”

The implication of this is that the user on Reddit believes EA has now established such a manipulative AI at Anthem and now determines who gets good loot and who does not.

Therefore, BioWare can not just change the loot.

But it would explain why players suddenly get good loot if they always start FreePlay and break off – eventually, the AI in the background says “he needs loot now, otherwise he will stop” and already starts a lucky streak.

Is the theory believed?

The theory not really believed. Many thought that was a conspiracy theory.

Others, however, could explain themselves to the theory of sudden legendary drops after long periods of drought, after not having logged in for a long time.

The theory has since deleted on Reddit. Now there is the discussion if not something behind it if it already deleted …

This is the so-called “Streisand” effect of spreading things faster when someone tries to prevent their spread.

This is behind it: Two things come together here.

  • The “bad AI” theory from 2017/2018 has made many players really worried because they fit their image of the evil corporations
  • And players have always thought that looting in games is not as random as it seems – they are looking for patterns and explanations

But that EA secretly installed a manipulative AI, which now decides as a motivational factor, who gets Loot and who does not, seems to be outlandish.

If that came out, it would be a huge scandal and would destroy the company overnight. Such a big secret, involving so many people, would come out sooner or later.

In addition, BioWare seems to be able to change the loot and has already proven that in a “bug” . They just do not want to start the “Loot-Shower” at the moment, but only work on the loot in small steps.

At that time it was completely unclear where this presentation came from and whether it had even convinced the corporate people at EA. It could well be that a company simply tried something and could not convince EA of their concept.

Reddit-Mod says: We did not delete it and was probably a fake

Update 15:43 Uhr: Meanwhile, a mod in Sub-Reddit has reported and restored the thread:

  • The original article automatically deleted after many users reported it – that not a decision of the mod team
  • The presentation quoted is most likely wrong and a “gag” of trolls – they seem to have taken the actual news of such mechanics from EA and Activision as an opportunity to generate a “fake,” which will then circulate in January 2018 came.

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