Overwatch Star Dafran Leaves League: Rather Streamer And Chill Again”.

Overwatch Star Dafran Leaves League: Rather Streamer And Chill Again

Overwatch star Dafran leaves league: “I’d rather streamer and chill again”. The Overwatch League lost one of their best players after just one month. Professional Daniel “Dafran” Francesca leaves Atlanta Reign to become a streamer again.

Who is Dafran?

Daniel “Dafran” Francesca (on the right in the cover picture) is one of the best Overwatch players in the world. He is a well-known player and fans favorite, especially in the American community.

Most recently, his name in the context of the “Ellie” thing the Overwatch League haunted the net. He was also hired by the only player in the Overwatch League, Geguri , and he was happy about it.

He has gained notoriety through his easygoing manner, dubious stream content, his love for trolls and particularly good performances in Overwatch. In the second season of the Overwatch League, he has sometimes played so well that he even baffled the experienced commentators.

In the league, Dafran played for Atlanta Reign, one of the teams who has predicted great success for Season 2. Atlanta Reign closed the Phase 1 playoffs, which were also televised, in 5-8 and slumped $ 25,000 in prize money.

That’s why he leaves the league:

Overwatch Star Dafran Leaves League:

For Dafran the Overwatch League seems to be just too exhausting. In a TwitLonger post he writes:

Professional gaming has always been my biggest dream since I was very young and you [Atlanta Reign] gave me a chance. Sadly that is not so. I’d rather be a streamer again at this point and chill.

He is grateful to play at Atlanta Reign and even broadcast his streams under the team’s flag. Other reasons, the US side Kotaku but also the effort of the League.

Dafran has long had problems with psychological stress, which are repeatedly expressed. Since the Overwatch League itself has already worn down many players, there could actually be another reason.

What is his plan? Dafran himself wants to stream more again. His plan for the future is:

  • More, longer and more consistent streams
  • Pepe comes back
  • A stream plan for the EU is coming back (meaning: to EU-friendly times)
  • Overwatch remains the main game, but more variety is likely

Dafran follows the path that other big players have taken before him. The Dallas Fuel player Seagull also preferred to return to his streams. His teammate xQc streams more after being kicked out.

How do you like the decision? The Overwatch League recently caused a sensation with a highlight:

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