ROG Convention: This Is What Gaming Event In Duisburg 2019

ROG Convention: This Is What Gaming Event In Duisburg 2019

ROG Convention: This is what the gaming event in Duisburg 2019 has to offer. In April the ROG Convention Duisburg will be run by hardware manufacturer ASUS. Included are the developers of Star Citizen. You also have the opportunity to play the popular action-adventure game Sekiro there.

What is this convention?

The ROG Convention presents your current hardware from the Republic of Gamers series from ASUS. You should not only examine the hardware, but you can also try it yourself. You can play there the strategy game Anno 1800 and the space project Star Citizen in the newest version. Both still before their release!

With some developers of Star Citizen, you can then chat on site.

They’ll tell you more about what’s going on in the space game. You can also play games like Sekiro, Fade 2 Silence, The Division 2, Rainbow 6 Wins and Space Junkies on site.

  • On this hardware is gambled: You are at the Convention numerous play stations to choose from, running with high-end ROG hardware. Gamble the games in 4K or Ultrawide and HDR. The power brings 9th generation Intel Core processors and ROG Strix graphics cards.
  • You can learn that: Anyone who wants to join experts at the convention at workshops and learn more about overclocking systems. This is also professional overclocker novel “Der8auer” Hartung on site.
  • The program: During the day, you can chat with developers, learn more about overclocking and participate in the ROG Challenge to win strong hardware prizes.

In the evening, the ROG live show will take place. On the show stage, you can expect world exclusive announcements and challenges between YouTubers. There are also show acts. The moderators of the Gamestar guide you through the evening. Further information can be found on the website of the ROG Convention 2019.

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When and where does the ROG Convention run? The event runs on April 12, 2019 in the Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord in the Kraftzentrale. The start is from 13:00 clock. The power station offers over 6,000 square meters of space.

Are there any tickets left? For the convention, you can now buy the basic and premium tickets. The VIP tickets are already sold out.

Basic Ticket: Access to ROG Convention, Evening Show and ROG After Show Party

Premium ticket: All basic ticket bonuses plus a goodie bag and exclusive seats during the evening show
The Goodie Bag includes the official ROG Convention mousepad, a free game from a large selection of games and a tin of Red Bull.

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