That’s Why The Battle Pass By Apex Legends Is Ideal For People

That's Why The Battle Pass By Apex Legends Is Ideal For People

That’s why the Battle Pass by Apex Legends is ideal for people who do not have much time. The Battle Pass in Apex Legends was much criticized. After the first week it turns out that he is not that bad. Our author Benedict has discovered a huge advantage for himself.

What makes the Battle Pass so good?

A special feature that makes the Battle Pass good for people with little time, in my opinion, is the Resting Experience.

This is what the developers call the feature that gives them more experience in playing the various legends in Apex Legends. For the first week after the release of the Battle Pass, there were 25,000 bonus EXPs available for each legend

In the second week but was not simply set to 0, so that players could once again earn the 25,000. The current state was simply maintained and the maximum set to 50,000.

Respawn said in a Reddit post for info about the be tackled problems with that this was a permanent feature. The maximum bonus EXP can easily go up to 250,000.

This is how the Battle Pass works: EXP is necessary to advance in the different levels of the Battle Pass. Through the levels, there are more and more rewards, up to a maximum level of 100.

Playing through the Battle Pass, there are even enough Apex Coins to buy the next Battle Pass . Nice idea, with a hook.

This criticized: The levels of the Battle Pass need felt a lot of experience points. They can boosted by a game with friends or just this “Resting Experience.” But it still takes forever. The lack of challenges only makes it worse.

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For players like me with little time, either busy or playing other games, that sounded really corrosive. In the relatively short time to play through the Battle Pass appeared impossible, because in June should already start Season 2 .

This meant that players like my colleague Jürgen found the Battle Pass really bad . The system as it is, but takes just a lot of pressure and pressure from the pass, so I have more desire to work out the steps.

The decision was not only well with me. The fans are more than happy with this system.

Even before Respawn’s official post, some people at Reddit noticed that the experience points were not reset. They found the idea great, if that was not a bug:

If that really just expands rather than resets, that might be the best feature of Season 1 right now. Please keep that.

HyperionDS on reddit

Respawn finally confirmed that it is not a bug. For me, this is a good move to the “Best Battle Royale”.

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